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Bossy or weak, too-modern or outmoded, shallow or desperate…

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  •  October 14, 2014


Actress Kristen Stewart believes that saying ‘I am not a feminist’ is wrong. Announcing yourself as a feminist is not making you male-hater. No matter if you are a man or a woman, concerning about women and their related issues makes you a good human being and not a member of any anti-social group.

We found this comic strip online by artist Rasenth form Japan. She created this series showcasing the shocking perception of our society. Be it India, USA or some Far East country, women everywhere face few common problems. Based on her dressing style, eating habits, skin tone, emotions, physical strength; women have constantly been taunted by society. She is either bossy or weak, too-modern or outmoded, shallow or desperate. She is always tagged.

Even men are harassed, and we sympathize with them. But we honestly find it funny how men are traumatized – by further belittling women! ‘Why are you crying like a girl?’, ‘Look the way he walks, just like a girl’, ‘Be a man and realize your potential’. Really?

People who say so think woman is the weaker gender and men shouldn’t behave like them. So when we see a tom-boy, we laugh and when we see a physically weak man, we laugh comparing him to a woman. Seriously, what’s wrong with us?

Rasenth says – “I just wanted people to notice how our unconscious double standards are hurting ourselves and each other.”


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