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Rajshree Gautam

IWB Intern

Blending Horror And Fairytales, These Singers Are Reinventing Teen Music

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  •  January 10, 2017


How would you feel if you hear a song that is equally scary and addictive?

That was precisely what I felt when I first heard songs of the British Psychedelic Pop duo Lets Eat Grandma. Rosa Walton (17) and Jenny Hollingworth (18) have been bff’s and always had a thing for using misconceptions in their favor.

First, they met each other in school when they were 4 years old, they have been inseparable since. Both of them had many things in common like a dark sense of humor and a taste for mischief.

Soon, Walton and Hollingworth began making music together.

In June 2016, they dropped their debut album “I, Gemini,” a raw, dark, dreamlike album which will definitely stand out in your playlist.

Their vocals show how Freddie Mercury’s son’s voice would have been like. Their song variations will remind you of The Doors and Queen. And their lyrics comprise of chimpanzees, lucid dreams, and shitake mushrooms.

The girls are well aware of preconceptions that people have about girls music groups and bands. But, Walton and Hollingworth are very cleverly using these stereotypes to surprise people with their songs.

“People have all these presumptions about female friendship like there is something dangerous about it,” Hollingworth said in an interview with Huffington Post. “It’s almost like they can’t imagine women having the same drive to create things as men ― which is utter crap,” she added.img_201

Reflecting on their video, Walton said, “Sometimes our lyrics are true, but the video is the other way around.” Hollingworth chimed in: “We try to express two different sides of the same song. Maybe we’re making fun of something, but there is something else behind it.” 

Along with horror, they draw their inspiration from a lot of folktales and fairytales.

One song, “Rapunzel,” mashes up the elements of the classic narrative with the horrific real-life story of Genie, a feral child who was abused and kept in captivity by her father for 13 years.

One of their song’s lyrics goes like:

The water’s contaminated with a peculiar illusion
Intoxicated with an electric infusion, intoxicate it
Let’s have a chat to the music
We’re syncopated cause I remember where to go
Getting in the zone
Move your body, and a hip a hip bone
And it was like yo
‘Cause I’ve been living in a buttoned-down world
Bottletop girl
Butterscotch flavor, covered in grazes
Come out with excuses that I bruise in the making


With dark humor and boundless imagination, the young women of LEG return folktales to their original, oral habitats.

I think these young girls might be next Lana Del Rey. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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