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Biker Aishwarya Pissay’s No-Nonsense Attitude And Determination Has Made Her A Racing Champ

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  •  July 21, 2018

UPDATE: Aishwarya is currently gearing up for her next, the Baja Aragón, which will take place this week in north-eastern Spain.

Strong, confident, brazen, firm, undaunted, and I can go on to add adjectives defining Aishwarya Pissay. Intrigued to know who this strong woman is? Keep reading to get inspired by her journey.

Aishwarya is a 22-year-old biker and racer who, only in four years of her journey, has earned the title ‘winner of four championships’. In our conversation, her straight and sorted answers and unwavering determination gave me a glimpse of her strong persona and the reason for her rising success. She is unfazed by the troubles that have come along the way and is ready to ride over them.

She was asked to leave her father’s house after she failed her XII standard, failed initially when she started racing, broke her collarbone just a few days before the championship she won.

Read excerpts below to ride along in the undeterred life of the champion.

Watching your parents get divorced, staying with your father till XII standard and then again moving back to your mother’s, how have these events played a role in shaping you?

These events have made me an independent person who dares to do stuff without any hesitation. Somewhere, they have helped me have an even more open perspective toward new things.

But, were you in any way heartbroken when your father asked you to leave?

Well, you just have to accept these things and move on. You can’t stick to one thing. These things come as an experience from which you learn and move ahead.

Aishwarya Pissay

Her biggest win has been the ‘Raid the Himalaya, 2017′, a six-day-long grueling international rally.

Absolutely. Biking is a very risky profession. Was your family supportive of your choice?

Injury can happen anytime, even while walking. So, rather break doing something you love, right?

My family is indeed scared but hasn’t stopped me from doing what I love. And, my mom has been a great support. We have rules and regulations on track, an ambulance ready in the vicinity of the track, and you’re under surveillance.

Aishwarya, did you experience sexism before and after entering the male-dominated profession?

Yes, I did. I heard remarks like, “You’re a girl, you should stay home,” “biking and racing are not for you,” and so many more remarks like these. But with determination, courage, and support I am now in a good position. I am mostly in the 3rd or 4th rank in the top 10 list, so, now I am respected.

Aishwarya Pissay

She won Dakshin Dare championship in 2017

The situation has turned around for me but I am sure other girls entering the profession at the beginner stage are still facing it.

Tell us about the positive responses. The support you received.

Honestly, men in the field, my coaches Vishwas (off-roading coach), Jeeva (road racing coach), and trainer Nimrod, have helped me the most. India isn’t cruel, after all.  Of course, there are people who are sexist but there are the supporters who surpass their comments. When I performed, the coaches and mentors saw my potential and came forward to lend the best support.

How would you define your relationship with your coach?

With advancements in training, coaches have changed at different levels. Regardless, it has always been a very interesting and understanding relationship with all of them. Jeeva, Vishwas, and Nimrod, all of them have helped me a lot and done a lot for me. They understood and know how and what to trigger to get me on track, work harder, and give my best.

Wow. But, tell me Aishwarya, what is the reason behind less participation of women in the profession?

Honestly, I think parents are yet not open to unconventional professions. And, especially with a girl wanting to be a part of an unconventional profession, it’s even more difficult. Our society is still conservative and frankly, there’s no such independence for girls. However, the world is changing, our country is changing and evolving, so there’s only hope for more participation. If there are girls who truly want to be a part, all they have to do is look for the various platforms available.

Aishwarya Pissay

She won Indian National Rally Championship (INRC) in 2017

Because for me, TVS has been the wings behind my flight.

How would you contribute to making the journey of participation easier for girls?

Haven’t thought much about it but I’ll maybe do that through campaigns and maybe launch a YouTube channel with tutorials and suggestions that can act as a catalyst for their dreams.

We’ll be sooo looking forward to it.

Ok, besides biking what is the other thing that sets your pulse racing?

Currently, it’s only racing! I don’t do much apart from this. It gives me an adrenaline rush. Racing is my drug. The entire feeling of racing on the track gives me the sense of freedom where there are no boundaries, no judgment from the society, and is free from prejudices.

What is the one thing you race to in the moment of crisis or confusion?

I take a deep breath, think of race, how I can win and conquer and how I’ll feel after that. Or else I watch motivational movies and Mary Kom is one of them.

Aishwarya Pissay

She won the TVS Apache Ladies One Make Championship 2017

A place you’d love to wander on your bike?

Spain! (she didn’t even take a second to reply)

What would be your message for girls aspiring to enter biking?

Keep these three things intact: determination, focus, and passion. You have to give your 100% because 50% will not work. If you like it and want to be in it, start today because tomorrow never comes. Work on fitness – both mental and physical. It’s actually a 90% game of mind.

#Repost @killerdudejr We are dedicated….we are motivated….and that’s what has led us to achieve the success. The dream team is going to get bigger next year…👍😎#neverevergiveup #apexracingacademy #aishwaryapissay #girlswhorideind #furygan #6kiom

861 Likes, 8 Comments – Aishwarya Pissay (@miss.pissay) on Instagram: “#Repost @killerdudejr We are dedicated….we are motivated….and that’s what has led us to…”

Also, because it is an expensive sport, look for programmes that can sponsor your training. When I joined, I managed initially with the amount I earned from part-time modeling, and later it was through TVS programmes that I managed.

“Success is never as interesting as the struggle”. Tell us about the ‘interesting’ struggle.

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585 Likes, 4 Comments – Aishwarya Pissay (@miss.pissay) on Instagram: “”Success is never so interesting as struggle – not even to the successful.” Have a wonderful…”

There are series of struggles. If anything is served to us on a silver plate we don’t respect it. The fact that I had to struggle for what I wanted is what I love.

And, how do you stick to this thought of yours while racing?

A race is reaching from point A to point B and that is the aim. When you start the race, you have to stay calm. Keeping calm and having fun while driving is what sets you apart.

Wrapping up, tell us the one good and bad trait you’ve explored about yourself in the journey so far.  

The good trait is – My ‘never give up’ attitude. The accidents, initial failure, there was nothing that could stop me. And, these have only made me stronger, made me learn how much I can push myself.

Bad trait- Nothing, really! Well, I am not perfect but I am trying.

Yesterday, Aishwarya won three awards at the FMSCI Annual Award Function. 

Aishwarya Pissay

She won the National Championship for road racing, National Championship for Off Roading, and Outstanding Women Motorsports.

She is preparing for the Desert Storm racing due for this month and her eyes are set to conquer the Dakar Rally, an annual rally raid organised by the Amaury Sport Organisation.


First published on Mar 12, 2018.

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