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FIRST DATE STORY: “I would Dance with Barack Obama”

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  •  February 18, 2014

Married for 13 years, Mr. Nimesh Bhutani, GM at VM Builtech, and Mrs. Shipra Sharma Bhutani, an Educationist, enjoyed a memorable first date at Cafe F-32. And as we mentioned earlier, they love to challenge each other but in the most adorable way you can imagine.

tn_DSC_7282 copy

For those who don’t know, this date was organized for married couples so that they get to know each other in a fresh manner after all the years of wedlock. Read below how this dinner turned out to be a first ‘real’ date of this couple.

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Nimesh: What’s your favorite way of spending time with me?

Shipra: Talking to you!

Nimesh: As in right now?

Shipra: well, I love sharing my problems with you.

Nimesh: And nothing else?

Shipra: No.

The drinks were served. Spicy Guava & Mojito on the rocks! Were the drinks expected to turn the naughty heat into cooling love?

tn_DSC_7315 copy

Nimesh: What’s your favorite way of spending time with me?

Shipra: When we walked 20 kms together, hand-in-hand we walked and talked about so many things. Remember we started at 11am till 5pm….romantic!

Nimesh: It sounds just like a Bollywood movie. I wonder if our life story was made into a movie, what genre would it be?

Shipra: Tragedy. No, rather an Emotional Drama.

Nimesh: This is the Valentine’s Day eve, dear.

Shipra: But isn’t this the actual life? Life ain’t a fairytale, boy.

tn_DSC_7313 copy

They sipped their drinks and Nimesh proceeded.

Nimesh: Does it bother you if I look at another woman and appreciate her appearance?

Shipra: No, I am quite confidant of myself. No low self-esteem.

Nepolitan Pizza is one of the famous Italian dish that F-32 serves. Let’s see what twist it had brought in this conversation.

tn_DSC_7300 copy

Nimesh: If you had $100,000 to spend in just one hour, what would you buy and why?

Shipra: I will quickly invest it on buying a piece of land for my 2 boys.

Oh yeah, we forgot to tell you about the boys. Since their sons are quite small – 3 and 7 – the couple brought them along. Our team took care of them because (obviously) we wanted them to enjoy the date and not the regular family time. The conversation continued…

tn_DSC_7301 copy

Nimesh: From your observation, what are my strongest points as a person?

Shipra: You are a keeper. No matter how much you are provoked, you never say what’s in your mind. That’s a good thing atleast when you’re dealing with unknown people.

Nimesh: And what I must change in me?

Shipra: Your body language.

Nimesh immediately straitened his back. No, not because the wife made a comment, but because the waiter brought in a new dish – Courgettes, Hummus Pita – and he seemed eager to see what’s the surprise.

Nimesh: umm…the grilled veggies, juicy tomato and cheese… So colorful. BTW, in what color do you see our relationships?

Shipra: In all rainbow colors – there is joy, sorrow, anger, surprise, expectations, love and completeness.

Nimesh: (smiles) so well explained. Tell me this – If you could be invisible, where would you go and what would you do?

Shipra: To the White House and would dance with Barack Obama.

Nimesh: You won’t do it.

Shipra: Bet!

tn_DSC_7299 copy

(CRASH) A glass full of chocolate shake fell on the ground. Culprit – the smaller son of Bhutanis. He was one mischief that was hard to handle already and then this! Every head was around us, except the parents’. Phew..they didn’t see as we were sitting at the other corner of the Café. Thanks to the wide space.

Nimesh: If you could wear one clothing of mine, what would that be?

Shipra: Your tee-shirt!

Nimesh: Aww…because it would remind you of me?

Shipra: NO…because it’s so comfy. You know…the size and everything.

Their next 2nd course was served and it was Enchiladas. The Mexican dish is supposed to be spicy and yes, keep expecting the more spices in the remaining tête-à-tête!

tn_DSC_7273 copy

Nimesh: If we go to the masquerade party, what fancy dress and masks would you choose for us both?

Shipra: For me, Alice in the Wonderland. And for you, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Nimesh: Amazing, so now I am a Pirate. Huh, you must be eating dinner with someone you like then.

Shipra: Oh, how I wish the other chair had either Narendra Modi or Mark Zuckerberg or for that matter even Oprah Winfrey!

Nimesh: Why only these 3?

Shipra: All 3 of them are my idols. They started with scratch and today they have earned their names by exerting themselves unconditionally.

Nimesh: One day even you will reach this height. I believe in you. Do you have any hidden talents?

Shipra: I am a good writer. (winks)

Nimesh: So write a story on me. What one heroic thing like those one what heroes in movies do you wanted me to do for you?

Shipra: I would like to see you fighting the eve-teasers.

Nimesh: Hmm, even I wish to see changes in this aspect. At least in our city. Hey, if our city was made of edible things, what it would be made of? Something what you really like?

Shipra: Chocolates. Lots of chocolaty things!

tn_DSC_7293 copy

And then, the Goey Chocolate Cake with Vanilla ice-cream & Chocolate sauce was served. Ting!

Shipra: This is mine. Give me yours, as well.

Nimesh: Hello?

Shipra:  Do you know – Hello was the 1st thing that you ever said to me when we 1st met. Haha.

Nimesh: And it’s not romantic. Sigh. What romantic thing you want me to do for you?

Shipra: During our courtship period, I used to dedicate many songs to you but you would never reply. Today, since you have asked me this question…let me tell you my heart’s desire. I want you to write a poem for me.

The music in the background at Cafe F-32 was just perfect for the moment. Her sporty nature and his dreamful eyes together showed a beautiful relationship of every husband and wife. No show-offs, just the way any loving couple must be living.

See the entire photo album here:


SINCERE GRATITUDE TO CAFE F-32 FOR SUPPORTING THIS NAUGHTY PROJECT (Visit this wonderful place at F-32 A, Azad Marg, Gangwal Plaza, Above Nims-Vicky Salon, C-Scheme, Jaipur City, India)


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