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Bharati Chaturvedi: Peace-maker from Heart. Divorce-Lawyer by Profession

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  •  January 30, 2015

Bharati Chaturvedi is counted among the top-notch divorce lawyers of the city. She is in her seventies, practicing law since 1986 and has fought more than 7,000 cases all over India. We met Bharati at her residence cum office for a short interview that went on till late hours of the evening. She has so much to tell and we had all the ears. Below are the excerpts from our conversation with this iron-lady.

JWB – Talking about Jaipur, do our city dishes out many divorce cases?

Bharati – I should say, too many.DSC_0333

JWB – Tell us more about this genre.

Bharati – These people are either from the age group of 20-30 or above 50. I get both male and female clients in equal ratio. Most of them belong to the middle class.

JWB – And why not lower middle or upper class?

Bharati – Because lower middle class cannot afford a lawyer, and upper middle class cannot afford embarrassment in the society. In both cases, their women know how to keep mum.DSC_0334

JWB – What are the top reasons behind these divorce cases?

Bharati – Money (property issues) and 3rd party involvement i.e. cheating your spouse.

JWB – You said you get cases from couples who are 50+, a stable stage where the partners have already adjusted to each other’s needs. Then why they file for divorce?

Bharati – The major reason might surprise you – it is because of sexual desires. At this age one of the spouses may not be able to fulfill needs of another one, which leads to cheating in relationship. DSC_0336

JWB – This is surprising. In case of young couples, what is the biggest reason? Most of them are dowry cases as the media reports. How valid are they?

Bharati – 70% dowry cases are fake. Women know that once they use this word, everyone will favor them. Moreover, once divorced they get huge chunks of alimony. In the beginning of my career, I was surprised to see one girl’s parents forcing her to file for divorce in order to snatch money from a poor husband.DSC_0339

JWB – So what do you do in such cases?


 When I know things are rough because of some misunderstanding, I counsel the duo.  I have a couple living in my neighborhood that got remarried after I counseled them. It’s been more than 7 yrs now, and they have a little daughter too.DSC_0348

JWB – That is so touching. On a funny note, do you think our laws are women biased?

Bharati – Not at all. Indian laws are amazing for both the genders if read thoroughly and applied wisely.DSC_0350

JWB – We’ve read a piece in newspaper telling about how husbands are suffering on behalf of transfers of their divorce cases. The court generally transfers the cases to the place convenient to a wife. How fair is it?

Bharati – If this is happening, it’s quite unfair. But generally such decisions are made when the estranged wife is working in another city and traveling is an issue with her, or she has a small baby with whom she can’t do up-down. Only in such cases, the husband is asked to visit the city where the wife is staying and carry on the court fight.DSC_0343

JWB – In a recent case of the Bombay high court, the judge rubbished husband’s plea where he asked for a divorce saying his wife parties a lot and neglects their child. Your comment.

Bharati – My experience of all these years say that it is not good for any of the spouse to show signs of negligence. We must understand the meaning of a child’s initial nurturing, especially if you are a mother. In this case, it was just a matter of understanding. The husband must have been aware of his wife’s socializing habits, and now he cannot just blame her. Secondly, the wife can be counseled.DSC_0346

JWB – And what if the complaint was lodged by a wife?

Bharati – I would have said the same thing. I think the Bombay HC had taken the right decision.

JWB – Talking about yet another interesting case, a wife demanded her monthly maintenance money from her in-laws after she had found that her husband was a fraud and was cheating his boss in every job he took up. Is that even a law?

Bharati – If the husband is not earning and the family faces any kind of financial issue, the wife can demand from her in-laws lawfully.DSC_0337

JWB – In the beginning of the interview you said your clients represent almost the equal gender ratio. What are the main reasons that men and women file divorce for?

Bharati – Men get annoyed with the wife’s behavior. They expect to find mother in their wives, which is not possible. Plus, they cannot see the woman of the house so liberal. In case of women, as I said, most of them want to obtain the large alimony.DSC_0349

JWB – Lastly, how do you think our society can get rid of the stigmas related to divorce?

Bharati – There shouldn’t be any stigma, and we can be more cautious. First, before marrying one should be sure about the person he/she has chosen. Second, don’t get influenced by the 3rd party, rather decide on your own whether you can continue with each other or not. And third, the parents must teach children about the value of family and relationships. If people will have this kind of understanding in their hearts from the very beginning, they will never think of breaking relationships.DSC_0351

Bharati might be a successful Divorce Lawyer in case of couples who really cannot stand each other, but on the other hand, she is a peace maker from heart. A woman of essence.

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