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Better Boards Project. More Women In.

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  •  March 21, 2015


Do women directors make boards more effective?  Statistical analysis has shown that corporations with three or more women on their boards have better business results.  But still why so many countries don’t believe this fact?The project – Women on Boards:  What Impact Do They Have? – conducted interviews that shows many all-male boards across five continents resisting initiating change to their homogenous pattern. Check out this amazing project here.

Survey that keep happening on the impact of women in boardrooms has always proven that  most directors believe that women do make a positive difference in the boardroom in areas like – the quality of the debate, risk management, and relationships with senior management.

Although the number of women on boards has grown during the past few decades, the proportion of women to men has stagnated in recent years, remaining at less than 17 percent among Fortune 500 firms between 2012 and 2013.

What Do You Think: Is our male-dominated country now ready to have women on board?

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