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Bengaluru’s Nisha Nazre Finds A Way To Make Disposal Of Sanitary Pads Pollution-Free

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  •  August 18, 2018

What would you say if I tell you that the very first sanitary napkin you used is still on Earth, adding to the already overwhelming pile of waste? Yep, the pads we use last even longer than that, hundreds of years, to be precise. Burning them is not the ideal solution either, as it only adds toxic chemicals to the atmosphere. Well, Nisha Nazre has built the solution to this for us!

She is a Bengaluru-based social worker and has, over the years, perfected a machine which will incinerate sanitary pads but in a pollution-free manner. It started when, years ago, she realized how polluting the method of disposing of our sanitary napkins is for the kachrawallahs.

“Besides, why should they have to handle incorrectly disposed sanitary waste with their bare hands when it’s something we wouldn’t want to do?” she said.

Nisha has built a pollution-free incinerator for sanitary pads under her own company, Zuci Fem Care Private Limited. She wishes to install these incinerators in washrooms in bus stations, railway stations, apartment complexes, corporates, schools, and BBMP offices after the incinerator’s last test which is expected to end by January.

In the incinerator, used pads can be dropped in a paper bag. And of its multiple chambers, the one containing water is used to weigh down the smoke produced in the process to ensure there is no pollution. It is supposed to be able to dispose of at least 20 pads in 10-12 minutes.

But the first step, as Nisha said, is to segregate the waste. “It is high time that we segregate waste in a way which makes disposal feasible and easier. At the rate at which we are degrading the environment with our laziness, it is of paramount importance,” she said.

The Municipal body of Bengaluru is yet to approve the model, which will happen after seeking a recommendation from Karnataka State Pollution Control Board.

“Ultimately, I just want to do my bit for the environment and society,” said Nisha.

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