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Lavanya Bahuguna


Behavior Guide For Boys In Public: How To Tackle Their Sexist Habits

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  •  April 7, 2015


Do you think men take larger-than-life space in trains and buses? And not just this, sometimes men tend to perform un-social acts that are too sexist to handle.

So here are few ways in which men can battle sexist entitlement in public. Also can be called as the ways that women can use to help men battle sexist entitlement in public!!

  1. Public Transport Ain’t Your Bedroom

Dear Men – Putting your feet on others’ seats, taking off your smelly shoes and socks are actually a torture for us. Be aware of the physical space you take up in public: on trains, in coffee shops, at the library, on airplanes.

Dear Women – Simply ask them to reposition themselves.

  1. The Transformers, Cars & WWE

Dear Men – Keep your voice low while talking about any movie, cricket match or how bad your wife cooks. Imagine the trauma you go through when women talk about their TV serials. Similar pain, mate.

Dear Women – If you want a ‘quite’ time and the man sitting next to you is hindering that, ask him politely to slow down. Or else, make him remember how he feels when he listens to a woman’s voice non-stop. He will understand.

  1. Street Harassment

Dear Men – Don’t harass women on the streets. Just don’t. This includes staring, passing lewd comments and touching.

Dear Women – Raise your boys in a way that they grow up respecting all kinds of women irrespective of their caste, profession and age. If you see eve-teasing happening, shout loud and ask for help. Always carry self-protection like peppery spray, knife, etc.

  1. Using Sexist Language

Dear Men – It’s a turn-off.

Dear Women – Stop calling your girlfriends ‘Bitch’, even if its a good humor. Tell men around you (in family and among friends) why you don’t like such offensive language.

  1. Skin-Show No-No

Ah Men! – Men tend to open their shirt buttons while traveling because of heat or they think its a style quotient. We DON’T want to see your hairy chest. Undoubtedly, most of you look hot shirtless but please, not in public unless it’s a beach or we’re sharing a bedroom. *wink*

Dear Women – Make a face. Don’t stare.

  1. Consent Is Important

Dear Men – Take a woman’s permission before putting your hand on her shoulder, waist, before hugging her or pasting a kiss on her cheeks and even before dancing with her. Learn to take consent. This shows your respect for her.

Dear Women – Softly pushing him away will be the sign.

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