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Bed Look is not a Bad Look

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  •  October 17, 2014


Without doubt we can bet on one thing. That after waking up, no woman can look like how they show in our Indian daily soaps. In best of the designer sarees that we will probably wear only at weddings and in a makeup that not even the ocean can wipe off, these ladies from TV serial are every Indian woman’s agony and fantasy.

The reality is far different. We have been watching our mothers get up in the mornings to prepare breakfast…still in their night gowns or salwar-Kameez or saree. Of course, no question of makeup, and let’s not even talk about the hair. ‘Frizzy meets electric shock’ is the best way we can describe the hairstyle of a woman out of the bed. There are no highlighted eyes but puffed ones. There are no glossy lips, and there are absolutely no rosy cheeks but the floral embroidered pillow imprints on them.

How you look in the morning has a lot to do with how you go to bed. Thinking that no one is watching you in your bedroom and you can sleep in whatever way you want to, is a wrong way towards self. Wearing nice night clothes is not to show others but to make you feel good from inside and outside. This shift in attitude is also a part of deciding how you treat yourself.

Our question is – how should women go to bed? Definitely not in makeup. We know you are tired from day long shifts, tired from cooking the dinner and taking care of the kids; but there is always 10 minutes at night when a woman can slip into her pajamas and a loose tee-shirt. Add to this few more no-time-consuming tasks and experience the much-presentable look every morning.


Every night making sure that you wash the face with a good cleanser and then applying a moisturizing crème on will make your skin more radiant. Cleaning the dead skin off the ankle and rinsing hands is also a ritual we must swear by. And finally, don’t forget to comb your hair. The ponytail or bun you have tied in the morning before going to work now looks like a shattered branch. Comb it, leave the hair open and then sleep. It will lighten the burden on head, literally.

And finally, let us speak a little on the clothing style too. Next time you buy night clothes, keep our little advice in mind. If you feel comfortable in pyjamas, get some funky prints like balloons, cartoon characters, optical prints etc. For tee-shirts, you can opt for solid bright hues or else one-liner tees. They are fashionable & always fun to wear! If you wear night-gown, try some fancy lace and sheer fabric. Not only they add the oomph to your look but also make you feel sexy from inside. You will fall in love with yourself; leave alone the husband beside you.

We would love to know what are your night-style tips.

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