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Become Indian Woman Who Loves Her Naked Body

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  •  March 31, 2015


There are ways to fall in love with your own body – naked self. How? We have few tricks –

1. Touch yourself & let yourself be touched – Let your partner explore your body. Let him massage you, caress you and give you some soothing healing with his fingers. He may appreciate some part of your body which you don’t like. When you’ll see him admiring your body, you will start falling in love with your body too!

2. Stop comparing – When you see another woman in ‘shape’, don’t start lamenting about your own body. Most importantly, stop comparing yourself from the cover girl 9models). Believe us, they are all photoshopped. Stop lamenting about the fair complexion, flat belly or toned arms and legs. This comparison reflects only one thing -your fear of what others think about you. Trust us, nobody is judging you.

3. Make time for your body – Instead of that quick shower, spend some time massaging and washing every inch of your body. Take a bubble bath or for that matter, go for a body spa!

4. Buy new clothes that make you look pretty – Of course, we love shopping and trying on new dresses and clicking selfies in the trial room!

5. Bring gifts for your body – Why not? Buy an essential oil you have never used for body massage or a new body wash. Gifts makes everybody happy.

6. Find what you love the best in your body – Do you love your eyes or ears or your hair? Do you love it how beautifully your butts embrace the shape of the jeans? Do you love your smile? Let all the good points boost your confidence.

7. Define your beauty – It can be the shirt that still fits you from college days or it can be your inner confidence/strength that makes you look beautiful or it can be your ability to spread smiles! Define your body – define yourself!

The change within will bring the change outside. Start loving your own body before you expect someone else to love it. You’re beautiful the way you are. It’s your body that makes you unique.

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