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Himanshu Roy

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Beck Cooper Gives Perfect Response To People Who Say Fat Women Don’t Get Raped

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  •  December 15, 2015


“Don’t want to get raped? Easy. Fatten up. I wish I had known this earlier.”

This is just one verse from the powerful poem called ‘Rape Prevention Potluck’, that a native of California, Beck Cooper recites in a poetry festival.

The poem is like a tight slap across the face of those, who knowingly or unknowingly, jokingly or intentionally, has vouched for the saying that fat women can’t be raped. Does this bit of wisdom sound familiar? Oh yes, much like other moronic verses such as ‘boys will be boys’, this is also a line that bear proof that although we are supposedly living today at the space age, there are many among us, who are rigid even for the stone-age.

Very often from famous comedians to double-faced politicians eager to score brownie points over their electorate (not to mention that of which a large chunk is misogynistic) throw this argument. And what seems creepy is that people even laugh at this sick joke.

And that is why this poem comes into play, that through its strong words and an emotionally charged voice of Beck, is capable of silencing everyone from armchair activists to male chauvinists.

“Said none would dare lie with me in all my morbidity so if a man donates his body to the inside of mine I should just be grateful.”

Another line from the poem, that speaks about the disgusting assumption that when it comes to fat women, they are easily accessible and ready to accept any sexual contact, even rape!

Every verse of the poem is laced with razor-sharp sarcasm that is bound to make you think if you were not aware of this issue.

And the audience? They cheer and applaud with every word that Beck speaks, echoing the barely disguised anger over such callous remarks.

“Can’t say no: Not to chocolate cake not to getting raped.”

Another gem from the arsenal of this incredible talented poetess, who in simple words attacks every argument and lie associated with this assumption.

From the unabashed and raw way the poem is recited, every point that Beck wants you to understand reaches the right place. To your heart. Is it tough to make people understand that trivializing rape, which is nothing short of a plague of our society is something that is unacceptable?

Do watch the video above, just to know that there is no dearth of sane men and women in this world, who, be it through their wit or creativity champion a cause that many a people shy away from speaking for.

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