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Beautifying Your Beauty Tools With The Right Cleaning Tips!

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  •  July 15, 2015

A woman’s handbag is a mystery that even the cleverest of mankind cannot understand. It can include absolutely anything and everything, ranging from a candy wrapper from the medieval times, to a packet of turmeric or well, a hotwheels car!

But, but, but… there are certain things which find a definite place in our handbag. Meet our favorite companions: Cosmetics! Liners, lipstick, mascara, you name it, and we have it!

Even though I am not very well acquainted with these quintessential tools, there is nothing denying the truth that they are, in fact, the armors of womankind.

Whooshing away the dullness and tiredness off your face and replacing them with beauty and charm, these cosmetics are doing their job just right! But are you doing yours, of maintaining them the correct way?

Worry not, for this article is your tour-de-cosmetics, for ensuring the good health of not only your face, but also of these little tools.



Let’s begin with something that even I don’t leave the house without.

A Hairbrush: the thing deserves all the care and love for it deals with our messy tangled locks!

To do: Use a pen or a toothpick to bring out the hair stuck between the bristles. Cut the knotted clumps once they come on the surface. As you pull out this mess, wash the hairbrush.

Hair Straighteners/Curlers


While we are talking about hair, let’s not leave out the transformational hair straighteners and curlers.

To do: Clean the brown residue on the metal plates of these wands, with cotton wipes dipped in alcohol. Of course, when the device is unplugged and cooled down.

Eyelash Curler


A tool for those tiny hair follicles on our eyelids!

To do: Eyelash curlers bear the remains of mascara, making it an attractive destination for germs. Wipe them clean using cotton balls dipped in alcohol. If your curler comes with a rubber pad, make sure to change it once a year. And if you have already changed the rubber pad twice, it is time to get yourself a new curler.

Make-up Brushes


We owe the artificial pinkness of our cheeks to these make-up brushes! Of course it is necessary to clean them regularly to keep away germs from our sensitive face skin.

To do: Wash the brushes with baby shampoo and place them on a dry towel in such a way, that the bristles hang off the side of the desk. This will help retain the shape of the brush. Do this once a month and you’re good to go!

Mascara Stick


For shining and cute and stylish eyelashes, mascara stick comes in handy!

Once a week, clean the bristles of the mascara wand with paper towel and soak it in warm water for five minutes if any residue remains. Lastly disinfect the mascara stick with alcohol wipes once it is dry.

Follow these tips, and well, thank us later! 😛

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