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  •  March 15, 2014


After the celebration of Holi, what often makes you most worried? It is – How to get rid of Holi colors’ stains around the house? Here we have few tricks to quickly clean staunch dirty marks:

  1. Clean the stains on the same day in the evening. If it doesn’t seem practical, pour some water on the stains not to let them dry up.
  2. To remove mild & small stains – use liquid detergent, let the stains get soaked in the detergent & wash it off. Use soap-sucked brushes example tooth-brush. Or, use cotton in a cloth and then clean the stains to avoid scratches.
  3. To remove big stains – Prefer nylon scrub to avoid big marks.
  4. For Floor – Make a paste of baking powder and put it on the stains until dried. Wipe off with a damp cloth or wet sponge. Do not use this paste on the walls as the paint will chipped off.
  5. For Wooden Furniture i.e. dining tables, chairs & kitchen cabinets – Apply Acetone or Hydrogen peroxide with the help of cotton or sponge. with a damp cloth applying force.
  6. For White Marble – Use liquid bleach. Do not use it if the floors are colored or laminated.
  7. For Rugs & Carpets – Use the paste of Vinegar & hot water. Apply the paste on the stains and wipe it off after 30-35 minutes.

We hope these tips will come handy to you. If you have any other good tips to share, feel free to write in the comments below!

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