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Bangladeshi Woman Forced To Drink Acid, In-Laws Booked Under Dowry Case

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  •  August 11, 2015

23 yr old Ripa Rani Pandit from Bangladesh was attacked by her in-laws after her father failed to pay the dowry amount decided prior the marriage. The cruel in-laws made her drink acid that has ruined her face, not to mention the permanent scar on her soul.

Ripa’s brother Opu told a local newspaper that her father-in-law, Shadhon Pandit, dragged her into a room, asked his wife to forcibly open Ripa’s mouth so that he could put acid inside. After that, she was locked inside the home for two days before she was admitted to the Dhaka Medical Hospital. This is nothing but devilish.


Doctors are saying they cannot predict whether she will survive or not. For now, she is unable to eat or drink, and is only given the saline drip that will continue for next two weeks.

To support her and speak on this issue, the members of the Acid Survivors Foundation of Bangladesh formed a human chain in Dhaka to demand those involved in the attack to be arrested and punished.

Do you think the laws concerned with acid attacks in India are strict enough?

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