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Bangalore Girl Chases Man Who Tried To Pull Her Skirt Down, Sends Him To Jail

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  •  October 8, 2015


When the Bangalore girl Remi Rusha Sen was harassed by a drunken pervert in the middle of a road, she decided to teach him a lesson so hard that he would never repeat that awful act again.

While she was walking around in a street at 8.45 pm, a man sitting in the backseat of a passing auto rickshaw grabbed her backside and tried to pull her skirt down. Remi screamed and turned around to see the auto speeding away. She quickly hired another auto rickshaw to chase the culprit. Once grabbed, he begged for mercy.

What happened next? Listen from this brave girl herself, “I called my F&B director, Jolly, and told him what happened. He then called the police and all of them rushed to the spot to help. There was a strong stench of alcohol emanating from the pervert, and he began pleading for mercy claiming he hailed from a good family, and was married with children, but I refused to listen. Apprehending the pervert and filing a complaint would send out a strong message.”

From the camera installed at the exit gate of the location where this unfortunate incident happened, the pervert was produced in front of a magistrate on Thursday and sent to prison.

She added, “The police were very cooperative and encouraging of my actions. They said most victims of eve-teasing did not stand up for themselves, whereas apprehending the pervert and filing a complaint would send out a strong message. Police are also collecting CCTV footage. If this can happen to someone just crossing the road home from their workplace on a busy street like Vittal Mallya Road, I shudder to imagine what could happen anywhere else. I’m grateful that the police reacted instantly.”

Bravo, Remi!

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