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Bangalore Doctor And CrossFit Trainer, Swetha Devaraj, On Pumping Joy Into Her Life With 2 Careers

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  •  May 21, 2018

I stumbled upon Swetha Devaraj’s Instagram handle that documents her inspiring life as a doctor and a fitness coach. Cross-fitness trainer Swetha starts her day at 5 am to coach her students and later, turns into a Vascular Radiologist serving at a Bangalore hospital.

I indulged in a quick conversation with the multitasker while she was on the run from one job to another. Enjoy the ‘light’ read!

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492 Likes, 31 Comments – swethadev (@sweatyswetha) on Instagram: “Ohh she’s lookin .. I might have caught her attention in this one for a sec ?? aight part deux of…”

I’m sure it’s not easy for you to manage two professions simultaneously.

It sure isn’t. But the fact that I get to bring positive change into the lives of so many people is what inspires me to make that extra effort. As far as my time management skill is concerned, I’m pretty much on a schedule every day. I have got a fixed sleeping pattern and I make sure I follow it so I can be on time throughout the day.

Night and day of a difference but it’s the same person!! Shout out to all the men and women around the world who have more than one job and still continue to balance everything around them like rock stars .. I m inspired by a lot of you so thank you for that!!! You don’t have to quit your job that you like to pursue something else that interests you, this is the era of multi tasking, being multi dimensional with multiple jobs … when it’s time for you to work, you make time for everything !! I absolutely love both my jobs..Why do we have to do one thing we like when we love multiple things …when we can do everything and be super humans :)!! Let’s get it people! #fitpeople #professionals #personaltrainer #fitgirls #instapic #instafit #instadaily #inspiration #motivation #fitnessgoals #fitnessmotivation #crossfitgirls #crossfit #functionaltraining #runners #girlswholift #multitasking #multiplejobs #abs #doctor #salwarkameez #kurta #univedathlete #vegan #veganathlete #vegansupplements #fatloss #fitnessjourney #fitdoc @adidasrunnersin @univedsports #adidasrunners

1,867 Likes, 43 Comments – swethadev (@sweatyswetha) on Instagram: “Night and day of a difference but it’s the same person!! Shout out to all the men and women around…”

Were you always this firm about your fitness regime?

Yes. I have been taking care of my body for a long time now. When I was in the US, I ran marathons that only added to my determination. When I shifted my base back to India, I continued to work on my health.

Does this mean you have absolutely no cheat or take-it-easy days?

In spite of my strong willpower, there are days when I don’t want to physically exert myself. I listen to my body, and when it demands some relaxation, I let that happen. During such days, I prefer going out of the city on holiday and spend some time relaxing my nerves. I make sure I eat healthy even when I’m overeating. *laughs* Though, I compensate that by running an extra mile.

In all honesty, I think it’s crucial to take it easy sometimes rather than pushing yourself too hard which might result in frustration. Get your pace to understand your body and then work on it steadily.

People say cross-fitness training can be really hard as compared to the regular gym exercises. Is that true?

Nope! In fact, cross-fitness is more fun to do. Of course, a constant guidance of the trainer is needed when it comes to cross-fitness training, but then it’s worth it.

Breaking stereotypes- I am a girl and I love lifting weights, i have multiple jobs, I am muscular, infact I love these muscles, I quit eating meat a while ago and chose to be vegan and I run a lot, I run every single day and still maintain muscle mass… this is for all the people who think weight lifting will make a woman look like a man, running too much will make u lose muscle, vegetarians cannot recover well nor perform better than meat eaters not to mention vegetarians cannot build muscle, being vegan is extreme, you can only have one job or focus on one thing at a time ..Yada yada yada ???my muscles are the sign of strength from all the hard work and discipline over the years and the right kind of training paired with proper nutrition, choosing to go vegan is a personal choice to contribute towards the environment and cruelty against animals, having multiple jobs or being multi dimensional is how humans are designed to be why waste that? And running and lifting .. that’s just what I love doin!! #ipledgetostandout #muscles #girlswholift #fitgirl #fitness #fitnessmodel #finessmotivation #inspiration #instafit #vegan #veganathlete #adidasathlete #adidaswomen #adidasrunning #crossfitgirls #crossfit #functionaltraining #humpday #workouttime #workoutoftheday #strong #goals #positive #healthylifestyle #vegansofinstagram #runnersofinstagram #running @univedsports @adidas

2,106 Likes, 67 Comments – swethadev (@sweatyswetha) on Instagram: “Breaking stereotypes- I am a girl and I love lifting weights, i have multiple jobs, I am muscular,…”

What’s your daily diet like?

I am a vegan, and I like to binge on low carbs. White/polished rice, dairy products, and sugar are a no-no for me. I mostly eat veggies, nuts, sprouts, fruits, and similar healthy items. I’m also Unived Sports brand ambassador and promote veganism.

Talk about the inner transformation that you’ve undergone in these years.

Apart from overcoming my fears, I’ve begun to feel fresh, light, happy and clean from within and without. I’m well aware that I’m eating healthy and working out regularly and this only boosts my confidence on a daily basis.

What kinds of fears?

I was afraid of heights and now, look at me!

When u get tired of doing traditional workouts with weights at the gym, u can get a lil creative and just use ur own body weight to get a great workout … I m a big fan of body weight training or calisthenics. Sometimes carrying ur own weight and doing certain movements and plyometrics is enough to make you stronger and it was one of those days I just wanted to hve fun with whatever is around me thus came up with this ???. Legless Rope climbs, plyo push-ups, vertical jumps, and some monkeying around ?? #crossfitgirls #crossfit #calisthenics #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #thefloorislava #fit #fitnessmotivation #fitgirl #fitness #fitdoc #fitnessvideo #workout #weightloss #workoutvideos #weighttraining #ncf #vegan #veganathlete #vegansupplements #adidas #adidasrunners @adidasrunnersin @univedsports @ncf_cunningham #instafit #instavideo #instaworkout #workoutoftheday #fun #funny #monkey #functionaltraining #gymlife

322 Likes, 18 Comments – swethadev (@sweatyswetha) on Instagram: “When u get tired of doing traditional workouts with weights at the gym, u can get a lil creative…”

Did any of the exercises give you a hard time?

Head-stand did, but with practice, it got easier.

I’ve seen some inspiring posts on your page narrating the stories of your students. They are incredibly motivating!

Thank you. I also counsel people online about their diet and the varieties of physical exercise that they may try doing to get rid of bad fat. I especially enjoy guiding women who find it difficult to go out of their homes and work out because of a set of responsibilities they’ve at the moment. It feels nice when people put their trust in your work and let you monitor their health even if it’s virtually.

I am soooo proud of this woman right here !! #transformationtuesday goes to my client Padma who started from the very bottom with absolutely no experience in fitness or working out, After child birth a lot of women face challenges in losing weight and getting back into shape and it’s not an easy task having to manage the household and a toddler or even worse kids after they start walking around lol, but I really admire Padma’s grit and determination to get into shape after having a baby coz she couldn’t go to the gym coz of the baby girl nor did she have equipments at home. So this transformation was done purely through customised diet, walking, jogging and home workouts using body weight that I gave her through online training!! Now almost 10 kgs lighter she runs atleast half hour without a break, at her own pace. I know 8 weeks of training is going to take her a long way after stopping with me as well, she’s just getting started !! Good luck Padma I am really proud of you!! ??? #transformation #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #weightloss #fitgirl #fit #fatloss #fatburn #onlinetraining #personaltrainer #calisthenics #coach #fitnesscoach #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessgoals #fitnessmotivation #inspiration #instafit #instadaily #instapic #india #proud #anythingispossible

368 Likes, 10 Comments – swethadev (@sweatyswetha) on Instagram: “I am soooo proud of this woman right here !! #transformationtuesday goes to my client Padma who…”

What’s your future goal?

To be able to train the athletes. I am looking forward to enjoying this phase in my career. Currently, I’m an Adidas athlete.

#transformationtuesday .. there is so much more to this post than just a transformation!! What my 2nd half of 2016 and first half of 2017 looked like!! this is kind of surprising to me coz I never realised how lil changes in my lifestyle due to injuries had changed my body even though I was eating healthy but still was injesting food that my body could not withstand or was not compatible with. There two things that I would like to mention that might help a lot of you who can relate to me. 1. Eating healthy doesn’t mean u will always lose weight, you need to eat what is right for you in order achieve your bodily goals or to improve your performance. Mid way last yr I found out I’m insulin resistant (values weren’t too high though), for those who don’t know this Insulin plays a major role in metabolism-the way the body uses digested food for energy. Insulin helps muscle, fat, and liver cells absorb glucose from the bloodstream, lowering blood glucose levels. In insulin resistance, muscle, fat, and liver cells do not respond properly to insulin and thus cannot easily absorb glucose from the bloodstream. In simple words, any form of sugar (could be carbs fruits or whatever that has high GI) could get stored as fat so weight gain is very easy. so I had to make major changes to my diet eliminating a lot of my favourite food items and now turning vegan (but i have other reasons that are more important for this, coming up soon in other posts). So eating the right kind of food helped me get leaner faster and stronger. Not to forget intermittent fasting (future posts again on this) helped me a lot to keep my glucose level in the healthy range. 2. Myth – cardio deteriorates muscle mass or you lose muscle if u run long distance!!! I’m sorry to say this is not entirely true, if you are eating right and lifting regularly with a balanced program focusing on both aspects there is no reason why you should be thinking this. There are so many world class athletes who are into endurance sports and weight lifting. These pics are the examples !!! Everyone’s bodies are different so seek proper training programs from well educated trainers/nutritionists who have all round knowledge.

706 Likes, 46 Comments – swethadev (@sweatyswetha) on Instagram: “#transformationtuesday .. there is so much more to this post than just a transformation!! What my…”

Do you have any message for our readers?

Don’t ever feel sorry for your body and never compare yourself with others. Every human body has a unique structure, and you can’t keep exhausting yourself physically just because you want to be skinny like a particular friend or a TV personality.

Respect the way you’re at the moment and choose the right exercises to get better. Also, the change in your physical structure must bring about a positive change in your attitude.


This article was first published on Nov 26, 2017.

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