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  •  February 24, 2014


Do not panic if today your kid used any bad word to show his/her anger. Eventually, they are curious to learn whatever leads their attention and sounds interesting to them. This behavior trickles down the environment, usually with the original emotional heat welded to the words. These are the steps which can help you to improve their vocabulary.

Why does it happen?

There is no way to shield your child from the realities of growing up. You cannot bind him/her with your way of living life. As the time passes the child starts going out, meeting many children and observing their behavior at school, playgrounds, school-buses or neighborhood.  He or she can learn many things from TV and internet, as well. And this is absolutely natural. However, the power of interpretation and explaining always stays with you.


What can be solutions?

  1. Self Analysis:  This is the most commonly seen that if the environment given to the children is not appropriate or healthy their behavior will decline to fall. They learn everything whatever is being given to them. So you need so self analyze if you are the origin to those bad words. Try to control your anger in front of children; any sensitive matter should not be discussed in front of them.
  2. Acknowledgement of Reality:  You cannot change the child immediately, hence, do not over-react. Be calm and talk to your child. Tell him/her that you know from where he or she learnt these words and ask them if they have any question regards to that word. You may proceed by explaining why those words are offensive, and should not be used in respect of anyone. Children usually do not know the logics and reasons behind any trend; they just follow it how they hear.
  3. Make your child feel special:  Be clear about your expectations from the child. Do not be indirect because it is completely out of their understanding genre. Tell him simply for example, “I understand that you do not know these words by your own, but never use these words either as they do not match to the special child like you.”
  4. Set Reward or Penalty: You can more likely set a parameter to judge their words. Gift them one or the other thing of their interest at the end of the day for achieving the target.  Appreciate their performance on daily basis whenever they incline to the sophisticated ways of behaving. Also make a penalty game with them for each bad word they use. In this you can set a mark line. For example, each bad word will deduct 1rupee from your pocket money.
  5. Teach them the right expressions – Your child should have enough ways of expressions for his/her thoughts & ideas. Those expressions should only be positive & respective. Explain regularly meaning of new words. Encourage reading books. Discuss the read stories. It will boost vocabulary of your kid in a positive way.
  6. Give them time for Talk- We know about your busy schedule engulfing you the whole day but your child should never be affected by this. He/she is very close to you but this closest relationship can turn to distant if you are not giving him/her proper time. Make sure that your child shares with you every important activity of their life.



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