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Are you a Bad Aunty? We are!

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  •  February 21, 2015


This photo is doing rounds on internet these days. After a little digging we’ve found out, it is the efforts of a student-group from Shrishti School of Art, Design and Technology as a part of their project. They were asked to portray things Indian men could easily get away with and Indian women are judged for.

the original copy

the original copy

So here is our extension to salute these students excellent work. After a ‘Bad Girl’, it’s time we talk about a BAD INDIAN AUNTY. Let us see what choices of an Indian mid-aged woman makes her ‘bad’.

JWB's take on 'A Bad Aunty'

JWB’s take on ‘A Bad Aunty’

  • Don’t you think somewhere we’re responsible behind these tags? We laugh behind a woman who wears red-hot lipstick because we think it is only for young girls in 20s.
  • We raise our eyebrows seeing mid-aged women wearing tights and running on treadmill.
  • And we are the ones who doubt the ability of a mid-aged housewife when all of a sudden she wants to starts her own business.

The problem is not in her, but in our minds.


Dear women, do you think you are a bad aunty? :)

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