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Awww! See How Akshay Kumar Reads Out To His Daughter!!

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  •  November 10, 2015


Generations come and they go, yet one thing remains constant! The bond between a father and his daughter! Papa is every girl’s first love.

Papa kehte hain bada naam karegi, beti humaari aisa kam karegi!

While mothers tell the story of Cinderella with a perspective of finding their prince who comes heroically on a horse, or searching for her with a shiny shoe, fathers are different. They give her technicalities of the mechanism involved in running Cinderella’s Pumpkin Chariot!

Look at this adorable picture where Akshay Kumar is reading out to his daughter Nitara!               We always knew how amazing an actor he is, but his acting isn’t the only reason we’re proud of him! Looks like the world will soon get the female version of Akshay Kumar in the form of his daughter! Yay!

Early morning reading session #Ladybird

A photo posted by Twinkle Khanna (@thewhitewindow) on

The photograph was posted by Twinkle Khanna to her Instagram account. Btw, notice how amazing he looks in those PJs! #DiwaliParenting #ParentingGoals

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