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Avantika’s Date With Father On Father’s Day!

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  •  June 22, 2015

Some teens out there may be going on dates with their barely adolescent boyfriends but I, as I am unique both in my style and mind, I decided to go on a date with my father! Of course, with all due respect and love for the man who has played a colossal role in my upbringing, I thought this Father’s Day would be the perfect day to spend time with him.

Whether it is Father’s day or my Dad’s birthday, as a little token of appreciation, I make a handmade card late at night and sneak to their bedroom and keep it on the bedside table. I did make a card this year but I wanted to do something more special. Hence, an outing with Daddy Dearest.

My mother laughed animatedly as we set off to our designated destination (decided by me) and it was On the House lounge located in C-scheme. We all teens know the place so well, don’t we?

After we marched out of the house, arm in arm and captured our seats, the waiter came for our order.

Dad- What would you like? 

Me – I always have plans to have EVERYTHING on the menu (haha) but we’ll have whatever you want to have today.

And of course, he decided to push the menu towards my side. Like always.
Dad – I’ll have whatever you have. 

This again. He always places my wishes above his. It’s one of the hundred traits of parents, I believe.

Me – okay, fine! We’ll have…

And we placed our order of everything cheesy and spicy.

Me – Why didn’t you want any gift from me? I wanted to buy it from my own money. 
Dad – I already have everything. And I am not talking about anything materialistic. I have all the love from you and Mayank and your Mom. I don’t
think I want anything else.

Me – Dad….

Knowing that I was about to argue, he said, “Food is here!”

He may have brushed the topic away but somewhere in my heart, I’ll always know that I will never be able to pay him back for the uncountable clothes he has bought me or for that precious iPhone that is very special to me. But when I was little, my Mom told me that I can pay back my parents with love, kindness and respect. I guess I’ll stick to that. For now.

We continue eating until Dad asked, “How is your biology going?

I choked a little on my food.

Me – Dad, it’s not going anywhere. It’s stable in one place.

Translation: I haven’t touched my books in a while, and by ‘in a while’ I mean not once in my holidays.

However, he didn’t get angry at this. Instead, he calmly replied, “Beta, everything will be okay. You may find the subject hard at first but try understanding the concept of human physiology with focus and concentration.”

THIS. This is what I cherish the most about my father. This undying belief that I will conquer anything and everything that presents itself as an obstacle.

I smiled and continued eating.

I’d like to mention here how much he has suggested buying me Biology guides. Can you guess the number? I can’t. He’s asked me so many times that I have lost count. Oh my father is the most caring and chilled out.

Our little excursion to OTH is a peaceful and memorable one. After all, it’s rare when he is free from his business and I, from my studies. Also, I am glad Father’s Day fell on a Sunday.

Here was my little homage to my father. A man who frowns and then instantly smiles when I tell him about how much I’ve shopped. Cheers to the man who can listen to me rant about my mean friends. Kudos to the man who made me what I am today. Thank you, Papa. You make life worth living.

So Teens, what are you waiting for? Spend some quality time with your father today, not because we’re talking about Father’s Day but because he is your father – a man who created you, a man who loves you more than anybody ever could.

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