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Avantika Singhal – School Girl Version 2.0

  • IWB Post
  •  June 7, 2015


When our intern Avantika Singhal finished her act at JWB office, we couldn’t take it. After all those bright days and a brilliant campaign led by her, we wanted more of this 17 yr old. So we decided to do this – her fashion shoot showing Avantika’s personal taste for summer 2015.

In this rubric, we show wardrobe collection of Jaipur women so that our readers can steal some inspiration for their next look-on-board. Since Avantika is still in school and is a small baby, we were expecting some kind of peppy vibe in her clothes. Let’s just say, we weren’t disappointed.

Ethnic Barbie:




When mom asks her to wear something ethnic, she pulls out her poppy-pink kurta paired with golden accessories. And that means just a bangle. Or a sports watch and aviators.


14 20

So what if she has her boards this year? That doesn’t stop Avantika from dreaming of the perfect outfit she will be wearing at her prom. The sparkling Cinderella shoes and rose hair-pin do justice to her age.


16 18

Whoa, whoa! A sudden transition in her look has got us thinking about the various moods of a rebel teenager. With a peach crop-top perfect to beat Jaipur’s heat, Avantika knows how to wear basic blue denim.


3 19

Studying in one of the best schools of the city, our Avantika is a total Old-school. A maroon dress that she bought herself in Turkey is her go-to style for family dinners.





Avantika’s favorite cousin sister has recently gifted her one pair of white hot-pants. She ‘forced’ us to include them in the shoot, and here we are. With converse shoes and a red-tee to compliment the white shorts, Avantika is the coolest chic around.


11 12



Short skirts, kitty heel boots and a statement necklace are enough to turn you into a ‘bad girl’ adaptation. She is a game to make them work in this hot season, and you?

So this was Avantika for you. Do you have a fashion story to share with us? Invite us to shoot it at

Photography by: Nupur Agarwal

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