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Auto Driver in Delhi Drops Girl Home For Free, Says Women’s Safety Is His Priority

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  •  November 3, 2018

There is no denying the fact that Delhi is known for being one of the most unsafe places for women in India. But what we tend to forget is that there is also good out there in the world that works hard to spread positivity. And one such example is auto driver Praveen Ranjan in Delhi, who will restore your faith that not all is lost when it comes to humanity.

A resident of Delhi, Neha Das recently took to Facebook to recount how she was returning from work after midnight and was trying in vain to find an auto-rickshaw. As winters are approaching, the atmosphere was foggy and the streets were completely empty.

Neha Das

Yesterday was just another day in office. Finished work just in time to leave a little before 12am. Delhi winters are here, the streets are mostly empty….

“While I waited for an auto outside office, this gentleman stopped. On asking the fare, he said “Madam mein khuch nehi leta ladkiyon se itni raat ko. Unko thik se ghar pauchana zyada zaroori hein” (Madam I do not charge any fare from girls at this hour. Getting them safely home is what is important). I stood there wondering if he is for real. Delhi is full of shitty people, but there is this kind as well,” she wrote.

When she reached home, she tried to pay him but he simply refused.

“On insisting, he took the fare but without the night charges. Reached home and asked if I could take a pic, he gave me a warm smile. Thank God for such nice, genuine people. There is always good in things around us. We probably don’t come across it often,” she shared.

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