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Australian Lesbian Couple Come Up With a Children’s Book About Same Sex Marriage

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  •  October 2, 2015

A very creative idea crawled through the mind of Roz while rocking her new born child to sleep. She was in a lesbian relationship and wanted to write a children’s storybook about the same sex marriage. Do you remember the time when pictures all over Facebook were flooding with rainbow filters to say they support gay rights? That was the night the light bulb lit up.

Roz and Natalie, both working in publishing, helped each other complete the story. The tale was illustrated by Cara King.


“I was thinking about our daughter and other kids from same-sex families, thinking about how all this might seem from their perspective,” Roz said while discussing her storybook Mummy and Mumma Get Married

Children don’t find it queer when they find out about same sex relationships because it sounds natural to them. In the mindsets of adults it is conditioned that straight marriages are normal and same sex ones are not. Also, children who have parents of the same-sex could find it strange as to why in the stories there are only mummies and papas and not mummies and mummas.


They exceeded their crowdfunding target of $5000! How awesome is that! However, they continue to raise funds for the campaign for some extra support with a hope to spread the book far and wide.

While there are many who stand by the initiative, it has also attracted many haters. Let us know your views!

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