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Jayati Godhawat

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At JLF: “Brexit Is The Beginning Of The End For The UK & The EU”

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  •  January 21, 2017


From Donald Trump winning the US elections to Demonetization in India, 2016 was one helluva year mostly full of bizarre surprises.

The news of Brexit, Britain exiting the European Union shook the entire world. On Day 3 of Jaipur Literature Festival, A.N. Wilson, Andrew Roberts, Linda Colley, Surjit Bhalla and Timothy Garton Ash talked at length about the pros and cons of the Brexit.

While Andrew Roberts was all praise for Brexit, Timothy Garton said that he was on the side of the Remain campaign and said, “Like America has dangerous politicians (Read: Donald Trump), many dangerous politicians in the UK popularized the leave campaign leading to Brexit.”

Though he teased the Moderator, Jonathan Shainin who’s an American by commenting, “Brexit can’t beat Donald Trump for sure.”

“That’s why I’m here,” Jonathan laughed.

Linda pointed out that since World War 2, the UK has been on a steady decline in terms of its economy.

“UK always wanted to become a global power but was being pulled from different directions. it was looking for a new start, a revised identity!”cover

Surjit Bhalla talked shared how Brexit will impact the economy, and sort of warned the supporters of Brexit that, “if they think, exiting the European Union will make Britain great again, then they might want to rethink it. There’s a lot coming!”

You know how I interpreted his comment? “Winter is coming” LOL!

Andrew Roberts remarked, “GDP has gone up, Trade is booming, the stock market is looking strong. If this is what people call suffering, then I think, the suffering should continue.”

On being asked whether her opinion on Brexit will change after 10 years, Linda quoted Mark Twain, “It’s too soon to tell,”  img_1

“Brexit hasn’t happened as yet. It’s impossible to predict anything right now. One can imagine a dangerous scenario or a positive one, but, only time will tell,”  she said.

Timothy concluded the session by saying, “Britain will fall apart. Scotland will certainly leave. It’s the beginning of the end, not only for the UK but also for the European Union.”

Photo Courtesy: Chaveesh Nokhwal

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