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At 87, Athlete Daisy Victor Has Won 414 Medals, Of Which 345 Are Gold

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  •  October 10, 2018


Athlete Daisy Victor has taken part in 20 international meets, 36 national meets, 59 district meets in the veteran category. She has 414 medals of which one is a bronze that she recently won at the 2018 World Masters Athletics Championships for shot put and discus, that too at the age of 87.

“My dad initiated me into sports. I started running when I was eight and till today, continue to run. Another driving force was my husband Victor Sundararajan,” said Daisy. Her father was a postmaster and she was born in Nazareth near Tirunelveli but grew up in Bellary.

Always being an ace performer in school,  in 1951, she secured a job with Madras Telephones, where, as an athlete, she was given special permission to train for two hours every day. “I represented the organization and won medals in every event I participated in. I got married in 1956, delivered six children over a span of ten years and even during that period, did not take a break. I used to run till the third trimester and got back to practice one-month post delivery.”

“When Milkha Singh came to Chennai in 1980, he formed the Veteran Athlete Association. He motivated me to participate in world veteran athletic meets and in 1981, I went to New Zealand and secured the 7th rank. It was then that I started coaching under Victor Wilson. He coached me for international meets. But for my parents and my husband, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my passion,” she said.

Even at this age, there is no change in her practice schedule.

“Every morning, I pack breakfast and coffee in a flask and leave for practice. It is my routine to go to the bank or post office after practice, and return home by 11 am. Triple jump and long jump are my favourite events, but I stopped three years ago when my husband passed away as I was finding it hard to cope with his absence. Right now, I am concentrating on discus, shot put and running,” she said.

“People ask me: ‘Why do you want to run like this every day? Do you want to fall down and trouble everyone? Can’t you just sit at home and relax with your great grandchildren?’ But I have the energy and I use my hard earned money to travel to sports meets,” she said.

H/T: The Hindu 

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