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Mansi Khandelwal

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At 17, This Indo-American Girl Has Won The Junior Nobel Prize & $ 250,000

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  •  March 17, 2017


A bleak memory of when I was 17 was making fun of my fellow friends who opted for science stream because they were struggling to pass and I was happy to have not made my life difficult!

But whoa!

These brilliant kids show us all now!

Indrani Das, an Indian-American teenager, tops the category at the moment. She has made us all proud by winning the top prize at the most esteemed and oldest science competitions in the world, the Regeneron Science Talent Search Competition.

And let me give you another reason to be jealous of her!

This 17-year-old girl from New Jersey, in addition to her award, has also won $ 250,000 in prize money.

Out of 40 finalists who were awarded grants worth $1.8 million, five Indian-Americans made it to the top 10 list.

Indrani was selected and awarded by top science experts for her work on astrogliosis. Astrogliosis is a deformity that occurs when a form of cells called astrocytes start increasing in an abnormal manner as a result of certain injuries or trauma like infection, stroke, etc. Excess of the same also results in the destruction of neurons. The 17-year-old was able to demonstrate how the survival of neurons can be ensured in such cases.

George D Yancopoulos, who is the president and the Chief Scientific Officer of Regeneron, in a statement, stressed the importance of such competitions in shaping the future of budding science enthusiasts. He said, “My experience as a Science Talent Search winner led me to embark on a career in science, and I hope it will inspire these exceptional young scientists to become next generation of innovators that will improve the world and solve some of our most pressing challenges as a society.”

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