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Ashwini Waskar: From Being Overweight To India’s First Competitive Female Bodybuilder

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  •  July 15, 2015

You don’t want to get into any argument with Ashwini Waskar. She is India’s first competitive female bodybuilder who, after staying unhappy being over-weight for a long time, decided to rediscover fitness. In just 1 year, she has a body envied by most bodybuilders. What a determination!

Ashwini is 32 yr old with a rippling physique, thanks to a tough weightlifting routine and a high-protein diet. Ashwini tells, While working I was becoming really overweight, so to maintain my fitness level I joined a gym. Out of enthusiasm I used to lift heavy weights and I followed a rich protein diet. That’s how my body became really strong.”40f7a46a-a4a9-4797-8f64-dec993bbf12b

Till now, she has participated in seven bodybuilding contests – including an international competition.

But everything wasn’t a cakewalk for her. To begin with, she had to convince her father to let her wear bikinis bodybuilders are supposed to wear. She tells, Nobody said ‘why are you doing it? This is not meant for females’ – neither my family nor my friends and colleagues. The only problem was to get into the sportswear, which was very revealing.”61682254

But today her brother says, “The clothing is a part of the sport, a part of exercise. This is not something random, you are not selling your body, and you are showing the world what you have earned.”Ashwini-Waskar

Today when she is all set to pursue this sport after quitting her job as a marine researcher at Central Institute of Fisheries Education, she has failed to find sponsorship to support her passion. Ashwini’s father has even sold his gold chain to maintain her expenses, but this cannot go for long.

Speaking about the future husband and in-laws’ support, she remarks, “I am also waiting for family who will give respect to my fitness and bodybuilding career rather than telling me to stop it after marriage. I am a proud Indian girl. I want someone with an open mindset.”Ashwini-Waskar-(1)

Despite the hard-times, Ashwini is very positive. She tells, “Girls are coming into bodybuilding and some women are being inclined towards fitness. I would really love to train a girl who comes up to me with a wish of participating in competitions.”

What a spirit!

Ashwini’s quotes are taken from her interview with the Mirror.

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