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Ashtanga Yoga Trainer Suvi Choudhary On How Yoga Can Positively Support PCOD Treatment

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  •  June 21, 2019

Suvi Choudhary had to quit her job in the year 2009 due to the slipped disc caused chronic pain. Deciding to go with the suggestion of one of her friends, she started to practice Yoga to cure the problem. Little did she know that the practice would become her love and her new profession.

Neither was learning Yoga easily affordable for Mumbai-based Suvi, nor did she get paid well initially from teaching the practice. But Suvi, who believes in sheer hard work, persevered with her new dream and soon she earned her first stable clientele.

Read excerpts from our conversation:

Suvi, your Insta bio describes you as a ‘Gypsy Soul’. Will you introduce us to your gypsy side, please?

I am somebody who is free-spirited and loves to travel. A very simple person with a gypsy-like lifestyle.

You have had your slipped disc recovery through Yoga. For the power that the practice holds, it is often said that it is the answer to everything. Yet, sometimes, people do not achieve the desired outcome. Where do you think they’re going wrong?

Not balancing the practice can be one of the reasons. If a person is focusing only on asanas and avoiding meditation or pranayam, they become aggressive. When both are balanced, mind attains a state of calmness while body becomes stronger.

Also, blaming Yoga is definitely not the answer. And, for me, Yoga has indeed helped me to find a lot of answers.

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1,519 Likes, 21 Comments – Suvi Choudhary (@suviashtangayoga) on Instagram: “Good morning vibes 💕❤️ #ashtangi#shivshakti#yogalover#ashtangayoga#indianyogi#instayogi”

How important are the right accessories for yoga practice?

The right accessories give your body the support it needs. Like a mat of 8mm in thickness is considered a good one. Also, wearing the right fit clothes for practice is extremely important. Wear something that is body-fit – not loose, not tight. And, for women, a sports bra is a must.

Suggest a few asanas for people with sedentary 9-5 jobs.

The basic stretching during work will help the body to release stiffness. Stretches like side twisting, shoulder shrug, mild neck movements, and hands over the head would do good.

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1,528 Likes, 14 Comments – Suvi Choudhary (@suviashtangayoga) on Instagram: “Blissful morning vibes and kissing sun rays #ashtangayogalove#blissful#morning#mumbai#carterroad”

You’ve been a practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga for over three years now. Would you recommend yoga for women during pregnancy?

Pregnant women are recommended to do Ashtanga yoga under proper guidance with a proper demonstration. And, if you’re new at Yoga, this is not recommended.

The standing asanas like Utthita Trikonasana, Virabhadrasana and sitting asanas like Padmasana, Ustrasana are a few that help to loosen up the body’s stiffness during pregnancy.

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How can Ashtanga Yoga contribute to improvement of the mental health?

Ashtanga Yoga helps a lot in reducing stress level, calming the mind, and making a person stronger – both physically and mentally. All the asanas in Ashtanga Yoga are done with the breathing technique – Ujjayi Pranayama, which cleanses the internal self and builds concentration.

Drishti Ashtanga Yoga is for concentration, wherein you gaze at thumb, naval, or centre of the brow. This practice brings the focus back to your life.

Can women’s health problems like PCOD be taken care of with Ashtanga Yoga?

It does help. The forward bending asanas help the stomach to relax. When the asanas like Tan Sirsasana, Marichyasana, Salamba Sarvangasana, Halasana are accompanied with Ujjayi Pranayama breathing technique, the practice slowly cleanses the body, helping to remove the cyst.

These asanas put pressure on the stomach and pregnant women are advised to not follow them.

Moving ahead, tell us about the involvement of your husband and son in your fitness routine.

My husband Santosh’s support has been constant throughout my journey. From helping in paying for the Yoga classes to taking care of our son while I was away, he has always stood by me like a rock. If I talk about his involvement in my fitness routine, he often helps me to do stretches like headstands.

Suvi Choudhary

Suvi Choudhary with her husband Santosh.

My son Daksh is a learner by observation. He watches me and then practices himself. Recently, he performed the practice at his school and received appreciation for it too. It was a proud feeling.

Suvi Choudhary

Suvi with her son Daksh.

You’ve mentioned earlier how you grappled with finances during your early days. How did you overcome the problem?

I had to quit my job at call centre due to my immense back pain. When nothing worked, I was advised to practice Yoga. However, I didn’t have enough money to pay for a personal trainer and so I decided to take up the course myself. I then used the money saved through a provident fund to learn the course.

In a few months, there was a visible positive change in me, which got my friends intrigued and interested. The journey of teaching began when one of my friends asked me to teach her. From then to now, one thing led to another and the stumbled profession became a fruitful one – monetarily and mentally.

What are your favourite places to practice Yoga?

I love beaches. The sound of the waves, the serenity captivates me and makes the practice even more peaceful. Mysore is one of my favourite places, where I love to go again and again. And, Goa and Manali. Nature is an add-on to the beauty of practice.

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1,572 Likes, 18 Comments – Suvi Choudhary (@suviashtangayoga) on Instagram: “Warrior princess 👑…. but surely Gypsysoul ❣️…”

Before we sign off, a diet that you would like to recommend for our readers practicing Yoga?

More than a diet, I would recommend everybody to follow a disciplined lifestyle. Eating on time and eating right should be a priority.

One of the best trip of my life. Now all set to get back to routine. 🙏🏻 #yogajourney#manalidiaries#manali#indianyogagirl#indianyogi

1,224 Likes, 15 Comments – Suvi Choudhary (@suviashtangayoga) on Instagram: “One of the best trip of my life. Now all set to get back to routine. 🙏🏻…”

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