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Asha Bhatnagar Turns Junk Into Fantastic Home Décor

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  •  May 12, 2015


You know the beautiful Asha Bhatnagar, right? We spoke about her few months back in our campaign ‘Aid to Maid’. After seeing her home that day, we decided to write a blog on her classic taste. She can bring together vibes of different cultures under one roof.

Her home is a mini Tribal India. Wife of a ‘fauji’, as she describes herself, says she collected most of the house-items during the innumerable transfers of her army husband. In this blog, Asha honestly tells how one can beautify a home in low expenses:

The Rooftop

You can see the how different each chair is from the other one. However, these tribal chairs are my favorite. _MG_6371They are very old but I have kept them. I love old things. I bought them from an art professor who teaches in Banasthali Vidhyapith, Newai. The cushions are later made according to their unique shapes._MG_6359

The table at the center has mountain’s dry oaks inside._MG_6348

This wall was made artistic using old tiles that were used under an old bathtub. Yes, I even saved the old tiles because I knew I could use them effectively somewhere. Some of the idols kept on them are from childhood or are gifts._MG_6362

So that the broom and dusters stay at one place and don’t look clumsy, which they generally do, I asked a local iron dealer to cast this basket for me._MG_6377

My Bedroom

The old tribal artworks I have collected over the years are hanged over my bed. They are quite old, the paint is shredding already but that only increases the beauty._MG_6381

The daily wear clothes are just hanged outside the almirah. The room is small and exactly represents my space._MG_6394

Space Outside Bedroom

Basically, every room has one or more souvenirs from various cities we had lived in. These are two (very) petite wooden dining tables from Sikkim. Who doesn’t love dragons?_MG_6400

Guest Room

Very casual set up. Just that, the Persian Rug that belonged to my late grandfather has now been framed which looks like a classic art._MG_6412


Very Italian feel, yea? _MG_6417Thanks to these locally available window glasses and the sunlight falling on them. The paintings hanging on the side walls are actually decades old from the City Palace archives.

Drawing Room

This space is under the staircase. The lamp here was earlier a jar. Once the top was broken, I filled it with unused buttons and put a lamp inside it._MG_6434

This corner has all the family old photos. The tray under the flower pot is actually a school project my grandson did using pulses and rice grains. I got it framed and kept it as a memory._MG_6438

That’s me and my mother in the drawing room enjoying the morning newspaper. _MG_6458

Let me take you to each corner of this room._MG_6615

The shelf here is made using the wood of an old trunk. The table-cover is actually a jute sack._MG_6468

The big lamp over there has a cane basket put over it. The painting was gifted to me by a friend. She told me it’s me and my late husband who protects me._MG_6493

These frames are again old archives from a calendar. Basically, I have never thrown away anything. (laughs)_MG_6503

This small table had a glass top that got broken. Later I bought Rajasthani tiles from the main market and fixed them over it. It looks designer. No kidding!_MG_6507

Dining Hall

This space is the other side of the drawing room. People say it looks royal…with a touch of Rajasthan. _MG_6473

Why not, after all I have put together antique things bought from cornered shops of Ajmer, Jaipur, Pushkar, etc._MG_6513

Oh, however these are from Africa._MG_6538

That lampshade up there, can you see it? It is so delicate that I don’t touch it for even dusting. The horses are from my Mother-in-law. And the beautiful ‘Thaal’ was the jewelry-thaal at my daughter’s marriage._MG_6552

The posters at the back are from Jaipur and Bikaner, I got them framed to preserve memories._MG_6586

This horn is from Brazil. The locals use it to drink coffee._MG_6574


This has a sewing machine that I turned into a table._MG_6634


One of my favorite places. Meet my dear Saroj, she is the house-help I got featured with in JWB. So the sofa she is sitting at is something I inherited from my Daughter-in-law. Yes, you read it right. When she was throwing them away, they caught my eyes._MG_6425

The small red table in the center is again old and is from my maternal side._MG_6431

The ceiling is done using brown roof-tiles. On the boundary wall, you can see all the junk being placed very decoratively. As I told you, I don’t throw away anything. Moreover, I don’t let the neighbors throw anything! This junk includes everything from old broken idols to clay work to old rusted coffee machine to a rotten sewing machine. All this makes my garden a retro spot to sip a cup of tea._MG_6660

Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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