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Asha Agarwal: I have ‘Dis’ Abilities to follow my dream

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  •  December 18, 2014


She may look like a girl next door, but wait until you look deep into her kohled eyes. We met Asha Agarwal few days back, who teaches basic computer classes to women with limited excess to education. There is a reason we decided to meet her. With family and career graphs going just fine, this woman has something to disclose for everyone. With Jaipur Women Blog’s help, she wants to put her message straight. Indulging with her into a casual conversation, catch the worth if you can.

JWB – Why do you work at the center teaching many women? You can go for a high paying job.

Asha – Sitting with these women gives me the peace I otherwise lack.


JWB – Tell us more about you.

Asha – I’ve just completed Law, and now preparing for competitive exams.

JWB – So how do you manage? The work, studies…and may be some responsibilities at home?


Asha – Ah, my mother doesn’t let me do much kitchen work. So, all my time at home is dedicated to books.

JWB – Talk about your dreams.


Asha – Not too many, but yes, I aspire to bring fame to myself and family.

JWB – You are a dotting daughter. We’re sure many readers can connect with your life.

JWB – Self-love?


Asha – I love myself, I love my eyes. And I become upset if people are not taking notice of me.

JWB – Oh is that so? That must prove you are moody.

Asha – No doubt.

JWB – Any dream vacation destination.


Asha – Oh, how I want to go to Jamshedpur from where I did my schooling. I have a favorite lake there, and I so want to go sit by it.

JWB – You said you love your eyes.

Asha – So much so that I am confident they can spell magic on men. Also, my lips! (laughs)


JWB –Wow. Talk more about physical beauty in your life.

Asha – I am also conscious about my hair. I make sure to put lemon-drops after every wash. It helps big time keeping them dandruff-free and full of luster.

JWB – What is femininity for you?


JWB – Any fear?

Asha – I sometimes worry about the kind of person I will marry. I look for a son for my parents more than a companion for me.

JWB – What qualities do you see in him?


Asha – In particular, he shouldn’t be physically disabled. I don’t want to share my weakness with him and make our future similar to our individual past lives.

JWB's Lavanya and Asha in conversation

Throughout this chat, you might not have recognized Asha as a woman with physical disabilities. She uses wheelchair to move. But have you even realized it? Maybe, our perception towards them is wrong – and we think they are different from us. However, they live just as normal life as we do with unusual dreams like we have. They live lives with greater abilities than many of us really do.

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