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Arunachal Artist Tries Rapping In Hindi To Highlight Racism Faced By Northeast Indians, Totally Nails It

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  •  May 26, 2018

Kekho Thianmkho aka K4 Kekho is a 23-year-old rapper from Arunachal Pradesh. Through the power of his music, the young boy has been able to earn himself a name, especially after his latest music video that’s a sarcastic take on racism.

The video “I am Indian” is produced by Hillang Nima and features Kekho himself singing about the emotional, verbal and physical abuse people from North-East often face in the other parts of the country.

Mixing Hindi with the local Arunachal language, he raps:

“Vegetarian hone se bhi lagtai non-vegetarian hai
Aakh phaar ke dekhtai jese hum log koi alien hai,

I’m an Indian
I’m a true Indian”

Pardon your highness! I am an Indian!

Not Chinese! Look at me!

I look a little bit like a Chinese. Not so tall, but ‘look little bit short’

With his words, he not only highlights the common racist remarks but also explains how he and others with similar facial features like him have developed a thick skin towards the bullying.

Moreover, he mentions how they are generally asked to leave the educational institutes they study at by fellow students, even though the institutes themselves invite them to show-off their culture of diversity to the outer world. It’s actually the sad reality that we often read about in the news of these kids facing rape and death threats.

He tells The Quint, “A Hindi rap will help reach out to a lot more people. But here in Arunachal, we don’t speak pure Hindi. It’s spoken with a different accent. So, the lyrics are in colloquial Arunachali Hindi. Those listening to it may think ‘he’s speaking Hindi, but where is it from?’ Maybe then they will realize that we are also Indians.”

Kekho is from Lower Chinhan in Tirap district, Arunachal Pradesh. He began rapping in 2012. He’s the winner of Arunachal’s inaugural Rap Riot, a rapping competition, held in 2015. Go, check out his page here!

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