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Artist Cécile Dormeau Captures Your Body Shapes & Attitudes In These Illustrations

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  •  September 10, 2015


Artist Cécile Dormeau makes an interesting series of women bodies and attitudes with the name BLOB.

Cécile captures various body types of women in her drawings that she later posts on her Instagram page. Through this, she wants women to be proud of their naturally hairy and fat bodies.

She tells The HuffPost, “I just want to draw girls how they are. Some girls are skinny, some others are fat, some girls have a big belly, some girls have small boobs, and sometimes we appear to have hairy legs, that’s just normal.”

Have a look at her illustrations and you will know what she is talking about:

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A photo posted by @cecile.dormeau on

COUCOU #illustration #drawing #digitalart #socks #drying #girl #youpi ???✨

A photo posted by @cecile.dormeau on


She says, “Showing body shapes is important, but showing girls’ feelings is important for me too. Frustrated girls, strong girls, gross girls, shy girls, idealized girls, girls who don’t care or girls who say ‘f*ck you’ with a lovely smile.”

COUCOU #illustration #drawing #digitalart #girl #fuckyou #dontbreakmyballs ?✨

A photo posted by @cecile.dormeau on


Cécile’s work is cool, right? Looking at her funny yet meaningful illustrations, we’re starting to love our bodies! She remarks, “If my followers can recognize themselves in my illustrations and laugh at them (and with them), I hope that it can help them de-dramatize the flaws that they see in themselves.”

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A photo posted by @cecile.dormeau on

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