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Artist Bharti Kher Talks About Her 4.8m Tall Installation In London, Calls The 3 Figures Djinns

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  •  July 11, 2018

Indian-origin British-born artist Bharti Kher is currently showcasing her huge artwork at London’s Regent Park. By huge we mean a 4.8m tall shamanistic sculpture.

A part of the ongoing annual cultural event, Frieze Sculpture, this artwork is named ‘The Intermediaries’ as it features three human-ish figures who, according to Bharati, represent a mother, father, child in a family. She told Elle India, “Essentially, they’re kind of djinns, they’re the in-betweeners.”


Interestingly, she started making these sculptures in smaller figures using clay and resin about two years ago. However, gradually, she decided to scale them up, and how. She told Standard, “It’s about the size of a two-story house.”

According to the 49-year-old artist, London is the perfect place to exhibit ‘The Intermediaries’ for it. She said, “London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities. It’s full of people not from London. I like the dynamics of different cultures, people, and places, that’s what makes a city exciting. The work could be apt in New Delhi as well as it’s full of people not actually from New Delhi.”


Talking further about the art-scene in India and the reason we see fewer public art installations, she expressed her concern, “The scene right now is the lowest on a graph that I have ever experienced. Culture, sports, and in fact, all things good seem to be suffocating either in the toxicity of the air or the politics of present-day India. We need independent councils to implement change and nothing short of a revolution to change the apathy of the government. Nothing good can happen if we remain so conservative, patriarchal, parochial and bureaucratic. However, in spite of all of this, there are pockets of joy and inspiration that flourish.”

Frieze Sculpture is ongoing at Regent’s Park, London, till October 7.

Source: Elle India & Standard

Cover image courtesy: Platform mag & Standard

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