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Ayushi Agarwal

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‘Art Of Living’ Guru Shreya Chugh Talks To JWB About Self- Empowerment And Happiness

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  •  November 6, 2015


There are some opportunities that are hard to come by, and some are just pure gold. JWB got a golden opportunity to converse telephonically with Ms. Shreya Chugh, an inspiring woman who met His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar at the age of 3, and never looked back after that. She stands on one of the top rungs of the proverbial ladder of ‘Art Of Living’, and has been successful in changing lives all over the globe.

She is currently spearheading the youth programs for the purpose of empowering youth to fulfill their self-identified aspirations. She has travelled extensively and taught the mantras of life in India, Dubai, China, Egypt, Taiwan, Bahrain, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Columbia,  to name a few. She helps individuals cope with issues of depression, anxieties, violence, smoking, and what not.

I was right about it being a golden opportunity, weren’t I?

Our conversation started, and I was immediately drawn towards the tone of her voice. It was soothing, and so very comforting.  As if on cue, a sense of positivity and calmness enveloped every cell of my body. You can feel the magic, just by talking to her! Here are some snippets from the interview:

JWB: Everybody has their own perspective on the notion of empowerment , and more specifically, women empowerment. How do you choose to perceive it?

Shreya: I strongly believe that self-empowerment is very important. We need to empower ourselves first. Meditation is imperative for strengthening your inner self, and when your inner self is peaceful, you move forward. Apart from this, self-esteem plays a major role in empowering oneself. If your self-esteem and your self-worth is high, then nothing can stop you from getting what you want.

JWB: But, what about the feelings of depression and anxiety that plague women on their journey to empowerment.

Shreya: Life is nothing but a play of energies. When your energy is low, you feel sad and depressed. But when you think positively, and act positively, you will automatically feel happy and joyful. Therefore, the secret behind battling depression and being happy is to increase your positive energies and let go of the negative ones. This can be achieved by regularly practicing pranayams and other forms of meditation. Yoga helps to tune ourselves, and get rid of our demons.

JWB: You feel very strongly about practicing yoga. Why is that?

Shreya: Like I said, yoga increases energy, and energy is good for you! It is extremely important for a person to have an uplifting energy, the ultimate key to positivity. For example, if you in a crowded bus, crammed against sweaty, dirty people, you can either choose to be happy, or get frustrated. If you choose to be happy, you will have high energy and if not, low energy.  In either of the cases, things and circumstances would not have changed, but your perspective would. Yoga enables us to view the world from a different expression. It is a part of our civilization for a reason.

JWB: So, how do Art Of Living and Yoga enable individuals to achieve that sense of calmness and stillness?

Shreya: We at ‘Art Of Living’ teach individuals “Sudarshan Kriyas”, which helps them understand the rhythm prevailing in our breath. There is rhythm everywhere in nature! We just need to understand it in order to achieve internal tranquility. When you are dealing with negative emotions, your breath gets altered, which ultimately makes your emotions go haywire. Sudarshan Kriyas help you bring that rhythm back. Your breathing pattern affects your mental pattern to a large extent. The ‘kriyas’ help wash out the negative thoughts in the form of toxins, and enables the person to have a different perspective of the problem area.

JWB: Lastly, what is the actual key to happiness? What mantras guide your life?

Shreya: I believe that one has to build his own energy in life. If you feel you’re happy, happiness will catch up to you. It is necessary to reflect upon yourself, and work on yourself before anything else.  In this world of extreme competition, compete with yourself primarily. You need to create a comparison scale and a comparable self for yourself in terms of happiness. Live in the present, it is the ultimate source of happiness.

This Diwali, transfer the light of happiness onto others , and make them carry it forward. Life is love, joy and celebration.

“Kuch jaan ke chalo, kuch maan ke chalo,

Sab ko prem se galle laga ke chalo”

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