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Armed With Her Poems And Folk Songs, Patna’s Nitu Kumari Is Fighting For The Rights Of Women

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  •  May 13, 2019

Since the dates of the Lok Sabha elections were announced, Dr. Nitu Kumari Navgeet, a doctorate in Hindi literature, had been making rounds of states like Bihar, Goa, Delhi, UP, Jharkhand, Kerala, etc. to create awareness among women to cast their votes. But it is not just during the elections that Navgeet strives to fight for women rights and social issues as she has sung over 1000 folk songs dedicated to these causes.

In her locality, she is regarded as a mother. It was after the birth of her two daughters that she decided to use her poems and folk songs in her mission of sensitizing the society on gender equality and women’s empowerment through poetry and folk songs.

“Birth of a girl must be celebrated”, said Navgeet. “I have dedicated myself to the cause of women. Even my songs highlight the issues of women and their role in society.” Organizations from all over India are inspired by her work and have even honored her with many awards.  

“My real award is when women get encouraged to work towards their rights. My daughters and husband help me to compose theme-based folk songs and manage all household affairs whenever I travel. A woman gives birth to the future generations. Therefore, a girl’s life must be honored with utmost dignity,” Navgeet said.

H/T: The New Indian Express


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