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Are You Sitting On #TheEmptyChair? We’re Hearing You.

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  •  July 29, 2015


Literally, a vacant place for people to sit on; metaphorically, a seat which nobody wants to occupy, but still millions do!

Post the release of New York Magazine’s latest issue, the term ‘empty chair’ has gained a new and unnerving meaning. The cover of the magazine features those 35 brave women survivors, seated in four rows, who came forward with their stories of being sexually assaulted by the renowned comedian Bill Cosby.

What’s unsettling is the last chair in the fourth row which is empty! It allegorically symbolizes all those individuals- women, men, children, transgender, who have survived sexual assault but never had the nerve to come in the open about it… maybe because they feared not being believed or the consequences of voicing their agony, or maybe they didn’t want to rehash the sore memory.

Whichever be the case, #TheEmptyChair has spread like a wildfire all over twitter through which people all over the world are articulating their notions to seek solace for those million other beings out there that sit on the empty chair.

We bring to you some of the empowering rantings.


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