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Architect Prathyusha Yadav: I never felt lost but proud

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  •  February 2, 2015


Prathyusha Yadav is a professional architect.  Also she is now enjoying her work as a Professor in an esteemed architect college of Jaipur. We met her over the evening coffee in her highly-maintained flat.

We spoke about everything from her career moves to future plans in a quest to establish the position of a woman in this supposedly male-dominated field. However, in just 2 minutes she broke our myth.

Prathyusha – I don’t think architect field is male dominated. I have got more girls in my class as compared to boys.

JWB – Oh wow, this must explain the creativity this field needs.

Prathyusha – You can say that. These girls may be shy, but are highly creative. They know what they want to be and are exactly doing it with confidence.

JWB – Let’s talk about your career. Tell us about the struggles, sacrifices, etc.

Prathyusha – To be frank, there weren’t any bad phases. I looked after Industrial Unit Consultancy in Pune and I had to talk ‘Industrial Designs’ – that may sound very masculine. Although, I was working amid men (from CEOs to masons on the site), I never felt lost – but proud.

JWB – So, absolutely no struggles?

Prathyusha – Well, if to think deeper, I would say coming to Jaipur after getting married was a little delusional. I had to choose between a hiked career and relationships.

JWB – Do you have any regret?

Prathyusha – Not at all, I’ve made the best decision. A person without love cannot be successful.

JWB – Wonderful. Do you want to redo your any step while you were a student?

Prathyusha – I wish I had given another thought before choosing my specialization subject in Masters.

JWB – But you are from the prestigious IIT. The career couldn’t, in any way, be harmed.

Prathyusha – I think that was one of the best destined decisions. After all, I met my husband there. (laughs)

JWB – Aha, a love marriage!

Prathyusha – A marriage where I am gifted with the best in-laws ever. They are just like my own parents. Because my father-in-law wasn’t well, we decided to move to Jaipur. I am happy I made this decision; it feels so complete when I am with them.

JWB – Do you think Jaipur has the market to help carve a beautiful career for young architects?

Prathyusha – I think it has the platform. I have met few builders, and I have already started my own projects. Plus, you can always grab freelancing opportunities from metro cities.

JWB – What was your one proud-project?

Prathyusha – I have designed some part of the Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman University in Saudi Arabia. This is the largest women university in the world, and I am really proud of my work there.  Apart from this, I’ve designed a home in Bangalore for a techie, and it is known as one of the most beautiful residences in the city.

JWB – And a dream project in mind?

Prathyusha – My parents have asked me to design home for them. I am scared, you never know how it is working for your father. Phew!

JWB – Ha-ha, all the best. But as you said one needs to be creative in this field to be a winner, and you seem like one already.

Prathyusha – Thank you, but then you should know how to sell your designs. You have to market them too apart from developing.

JWB – Is that difficult?

Prathyusha – If you have a bent of mind, then no. Like in my case, I know I understand the urbanization along with heritage designs.

(after a pause)…but there are still few things that women need to do in order to break the glass ceiling, if any.

JWB – Like?

PrathyushaThe masons and other workers on the site can make it difficult for you. Since you are a woman, they may not take you very seriously. It is in their habit to listen to and follow a male boss than a female boss.

JWB – Finally, clear the doubts of many girls who can’t select between civil engineering and architecture.

Prathyusha – Civil engineering is about giving strength to a building, while architecture study is more about how creatively one can design a building. Think what you are best at and pursue that.

So that was a little guidance by the architect Prathyusha. Like it? Tell us in the comments below!

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