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Archana Surana Pays Forward to Jaipur Women

  • IWB Post
  •  March 4, 2015

On March 8 this year, Archana Surana, the Flag Bearer of the Global Mentoring walk in Jaipur, pays forward to empower women of the Pink City.

Mentoring Walk 2014

Mentoring Walk 2014

International Women’s Day for the Arch Academy of Design and its Director Archana, has been always an opportunity to bring forth the best in women. This Sunday, the team is inviting as many as 120 women from Jaipur and outside to be a part of the annual walk.

As the name ‘Mentoring’ suggests, the women walk in pairs – Mentor & Mentee. While walking together in the city’s Central Park they will discuss professional challenges, take personal advice, and in the process learn and evolve themselves. The mentors are allotted to their mentees according to the latter’s profession and preference so that the best can be drawn out of conversations.

Archana Surana speaks to mentors during orientation session

Archana Surana speaks to mentors during orientation session

We spoke to Archana Surana delving more into the concept of Mentoring Walk:

JWB – What is the vision of Mentoring Walk, especially in 2015?

Archana – The ultimate goal is to empower the women of my city. The younger generation, in general, is confused about the kind of field they should enter. Sometimes they are confused on how to carry on in the chosen field. The mentors at the Mentoring Walk are those established women from various sectors who will be guiding these young and curious minds while giving them a direction in the professional life.

JWB – This must be helping to generate confident women in the workforce in our city!

Archana – Definitely. Mentees, most of the time, consists of housewives who now want to do more valuable things in their life.

JWB – That’s amazing. So how many Mentor-Mentee pairs are we going to see on March 8?

Archana – Around 50. I am very excited to meet all of them on the battle ground – the Central Park!

JWB – We will join you to catch all the precious moments between them. Tell us, how different Mentoring Walk is now from the 1st time it took place?

Archana Surana explains concept of mentorship on radio

Archana Surana explains concept of the mentorship on radio

Archana – Today people understand the concept of mentorship. To take guidance of a mentor is not a small thing; people appreciate the idea of taking support and ideas of an established tycoon in the same field. Today, I meet so many aspiring minds who want to make it big in life. So that they don’t repeat the mistakes others did, the mentors guide them to walk on the best possible path.

They talk about everything like starting up a new venture, financial difficulties, team work, and overcoming likewise obstacles. I have got calls and emails in the past from the mentees saying how much their work life has transformed after the Mentoring Walk. It feels awesome.

JWB – Can you name few new Mentors joining this year?

Archana – On the global stage, we have Bibi Russell – Bangladeshi Fashion Designer who joined the Walk as a Mentor. Closer home in Jaipur, we have Kulsum Malik, the beautician. We will also have opening messages from the CM Vasundhara Raje and Princess Diya Kumari.

JWB – You have been the mentee of Geraldine Laybourne who launched the mentoring walk in New York City and across the United States. How was the experience?

Archana Surana with her mentor Geraldine Laybourne

Archana Surana with her mentor Geraldine Laybourne

Archana – As a mentee I had to stretch my boundaries to understand her vision. I overcame many limitations in my life.

JWB – Any memorable moment?

Archana – Once we were traveling in the bus, and she initiated the dialogue with me. She asked me about my family, work, etc and after that I felt at ease with her. It is a very important quality of a mentor to become friends with her mentee so that she shares her mind openly.

JWB – Any message for the participants?

Archana – To the mentors – learning is always a two-way process. It is important to listen to your mentee and grab the essence from the conversation. Also, staying up-to-date is very crucial.

To the mentees – Come with an open mind and heart. Grab each word your mentor says and try to work on it this year. Draw benefits from your mentor’s experience and success, and don’t forget to make networking!

Archana sounds excited about the event, so are we. We will keep bringing you more stories from the Mentoring Walk to see our city’s women growing & becoming independent. Stay with us!

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