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ARCH OF LEADERSHIP: Session on Mentoring Walk

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  •  March 6, 2014


Yesterday, at Arch Academy of Design, the Orientation Program for Jaipur Women Mentors & Mentees took place.

Around 3:00 p.m. successful women-entrepreneurs and professionals, who have achieved their marks in their chosen fields, started gathering. They were all prepared for the 1st session of ‘Global Mentoring Walk 2014 Pre-meeting of Mentors’ under the guidance of Mrs. Archana Surana, the founder of Arch Academy of Design.

archana surana


Mrs. Archana Surana has been conducting The Global Mentoring Walk for 4 years now. She was the First who had introduced this enriching walk to Jaipurites. But this time it is rather special. The Mentoring Walk is taking place in more than 40 countries around the world on 8th March! So now you can imagine the power of this initiative – so many women leaders will walk along with aspiring leaders and will guide them in the victorious pace to success.


Coming back to the meeting, the 1st session saw Mrs. Surana explaining about the concept of “Mentoring” and its emergence. The Vital Voices Global ‎Mentoring Walk was started by her own Mentor & an American media icon – Geraldine Laybourne, the founder and former CEO of Oxygen Media – who saw mentoring as a direct path to leadership and a way to empower young women professionals.


Mrs. Archana Surana further explained that in collaboration with Vital Voices and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, this global initiation was taken to bring successful women as Mentors and aspiring women entrepreneurs as Mentees in any field like business, medical, humanities, educational, etc. In a programme of Morning walk together, the Mentee would feel free to talk to Mentor & ask any doubts related to her respective field. The Mentor, on the other hand, would act as her role model and guide her in order to sharpen her skills, overcome her weaknesses and succeed in her chosen profession.

Also, the target of the Global Mentoring Walk was further explained by a short film during the session. This interesting film proved to be the answer of all questions related to the mission of this Walk – and all the women attending the orientation could grasp the idea. Below are the overall goals as shown in the film:

  1. To demonstrate a belief in the importance of women’s leadership and participation in the society.
  2. To recognize the importance of ‘paying it forward by giving it back’ to others in the community.
  3. To promote lasting Mentoring relationships between emerging and established women leaders.
  4. To instill the values of mentoring in rising leaders who can give back to future generations.
  5. Provide aspiring women professionals with the support and guidance they need to fulfill their goals.


At the end of the 1st session Jaipur Women Blog put up their questions which Mrs. Archana answered aptly.

Jaipur Women Blog: What do you think Mentor should anticipate besides teaching and guidance from Global Mentoring walk?

Mrs. Archana Surana: A Mentor should learn active listening of what her mentee is saying. She must contribute to the needs of Mentees and guide her on the challenges to be faced in her chosen path/career.

Jaipur Women Blog: Tell us 2 things every Mentor must possess to assure a meaningful guidance to mentee.

Mrs. Archana Surana: A mentor should be deeply interested in the growth of Mentees and must not overlook the latter’s choice. Second, mentor should act as a role model and lead by the personal example.

Jaipur Women Blog: 2 things mentor should teach to mentees to assure their success?

Mrs. Archana Surana: Every mentor must do the following:

1. Encourage the Mentee to think creatively.

2. Help the mentee to approach goals in new ways.

Filled with enthusiasm, the Women Mentors ended the session with a promise to bring upon a change of strength, confidence and victory in the lives of Jaipur Women Mentees.

The 2nd session (4-5pm) was for aspiring Mentees who were introduced to concept of the Global Mentoring Walk. There were women mentees from Image Consultant industry, aspiring Cooks, Share-Market Enthusiasts, young Entrepreneurs, etc. All were pretty excited to be a part of the Global Mentoring walk and get enlightened by the guidance of their respective Mentors. At the beginning, they were asked about their expectations and aspirations from this walk and the Mentors with whom they are expected to walk.

According to one of the aspiring Mentees, Ms. Ritika Chanani, a home-maker & aspiring business woman, “I plan to ask my mentor regarding how to be a successful business woman.”

Ms. Ayushi Sharma, an aspiring Food Industrialist spoke about a number of questions to ask her Mentor like – “What are the probabilities and risks in the food business industry? How should I go about planning the food venture? Who could be my potential clients? How to maintain good taste of food? How to manage home n work balance?”

There were many other eager mentees who shared their questions they had in their minds. Mrs. Archana Surana said as how proud she felt seeing the growth of Jaipur women. She said: “Today’s women want to grow, they just don’t want to sit and enjoy luxuries of their forefathers or husbands. Seeing all of you proves the growth of women in our city. They now want to come out of the comfort zone and prove their potentials. I hope, like every year, this year also the Mentoring Walk proves to be a great source of fortification in your lives. Let’s begin the ripple effect of women empowerment in Jaipur.”

Those who registered themselves as a Mentee will be taking part in the Mentoring Walk scheduled on March 8 – International Women’s Day along with established women leaders. If you have missed the orientation program today, you can still apply for mentee position. Simple call us at 0141-4060500/02/03 and our team will guide you.
*OR email us at contactjaipurwomenblog@gmail.com or network@archedu.org.
*NO FEE applied.

By Ruby Khan,

Jaipur Women Blog Journalist

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