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Arabian Idlis with Sulochana Hirawat

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  •  February 27, 2015

Sulochana Hirawat is a home-maker and also an awesome Arabian Idli maker. We’re not kidding. Let her secret recipe of Arabian Idlis do the talking.

Ingredients: 1 cup suji, I cup buttermilk (chanchh), oil, 1 chopped onion, green chili, mustard seeds (rai), salt to taste. DSC_0004


Prepare the mixture by adding 1 cup buttermilk into I cup suji. DSC_0010

Make a thick paste just like normal idli’s paste. DSC_0011

Add salt to it and ¼ tspn soda. DSC_0017

Add chopped onion and green chili. DSC_0020 DSC_0021

You can also add vegetables like carrot, peas, etc.DSC_0022

Now heat the kadhai and put ¾ cup oil in it. The trick is to take a round kadhai with depth so that the idli acquire a beautiful shape.DSC_0006

Add mustard seed in the oil. You can also put curry leaves (kadi patta) in it.DSC_0025

Low the flame and slowly pour the mixture in the kadhai. DSC_0029

It will take the shape of the utensil.DSC_0030

Cover it and let it cook in low flame for at least 10 mints.DSC_0043

In this way, we are cooking the lower part of the idli. To know if it has cooked properly, see if the upper part has become a little hard (no more the liquid state). DSC_0051

Keep checking. Once you’ve noticed not-too-hard crust on the top, its time to flip the idli.DSC_0064

But before that, remove the extra oil because the required amount has already been absorbed by the idli. 

Flip the idli and heat the lower part of it just for 3 mints or so.DSC_0067

And you are done! Serve it hot with coriander leaves on top to garnish.    DSC_0058

DSC_0077To surprise your guests, serve it as it is. Let them keep guessing!DSC_0082

But now, I will cut it into pieces so that you can see how soft it is from inside.DSC_0092 DSC_0090

JWB – It looks so beautiful.

Sulochana – I am so happy to serve JWB team with my kitchen specialty and share my secret recipe. DSC_0049JWB – Thank you. Let your husband taste it and tell us how he likes it!DSC_0096 DSC_0098 DSC_0099

Mr. Hirawat – I have always loved the Arabian idli made by her. Whenever guests come over, I suggest her to impress them by preparing it.

JWB – Sulochana ji, from where did you learn to cook it?

Sulochana – My friends and I keep talking about various food experiments. This is one such successful experiment.DSC_0047

JWB – And it is so quick to make.

Sulochana – Anyone can make it and no special ingredients are needed for the recipe. In just 20 mints you can have your breakfast or evening snack.

JWB – We are curious to know about the name ‘Arabian Idli’. Do Arabs have their own idli??DSC_0035

Sulochana (laughs) – Thankfully, idlis are still and will always be an Indian cuisine. My daughter and I have named it to make it sound exciting. Now, everyone wants to know what an Arabian Idli is.

JWB – We’re sure, no one gets disappointed. We loved it!DSC_0093

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