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Apurva’s Hobby? To Gift Handmade Love.

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  •  April 6, 2015

For some ‘art & craft’ is not a subject taught till grade 5. Jaipur’s Apurva Agarwal is a full-time college-goer but still loves making handmade craft gifts for self and loved ones. Know more about her colorful hobby:

JWB – Do you remember the 1st time you did something really creative with craft papers and colors?

Apurva – I think when I was in class 4 or 5. My mother has a knack of art, and she always gave me extra-ordinary ideas to impress my teachers and friends at school.

JWB – What kinds of crafts are you well-versed with?

Apurva – Quilling, Parchment, Lamasa & Thai Flowers. I also know how to make gift boxes and other gift items.

JWB – What is the best compliment you’ve ever got?

Apurva – I surprised a friend with a memory-book.I somehow arranged every photo of all important events in his life since childhood by contacting his extended family and friends I have never spoken to before. I wrote messages on every page along with the pictures. This gift was presented to him on his birthday at our workplace. Seeing that, he was definitely awestruck and one of the colleagues whispered: ‘Why don’t I have a friend like Apurva’.

JWB – Aww. Can you show us some gifts that are close to your heart?

Apurva – This personalized calendar that I made for one of my friends. The 12-months have dates which are important in her life.

JWB – This requires some serious research!

Apurva (laughs) – It does.

JWB – Do you have a plan to surprise someone in near future with your creativity?

Apurva – I am about to finish my post-graduation; and there is this professor I admire a lot. I want to make him a personalized diary.

JWB – Have you ever thought of making this passion a career?

Apurva – I am currently thinking about it. The e-commerce business is a hit these days and I want to start with that. I will sell my products online and even custom-make them according to the client’s demand.

JWB – Oh, do we see a pram there?

Apurva – This is a gift-box that can be presented to new parents. One can fill it up with baby products – shower kit, socks, teethers, etc. I am glad you like it.

JWB – Do you want to add any color in your life?


JWB – What’s your mission, Apurva?

Apurva – To spread smiles! I remember this birthday of mine which I couldn’t celebrate. I remember that sunken feeling. If my gifts can bring a smile on someone’s face and make him/her feel special, then why not?

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Photographer – Shashank K Tyagi.

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