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April Phool’s Day: Kindergarten Girls Tell IWB That They “CAN” Blossom!

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  •  April 1, 2017


This April “Phool’s” Day, IWB decided to punch the bullies in the face who think that men and women are different, who believe that some “things” are just for the men.

Women have been fooled enough in the past by people who made them believe that they are weaker or inferior to the M-gender and thought them to be delicate as flowers (Phools).

Not anymore.

We visited five-year-old girls at the Alphabets Preliminary School. The birdies were chirping and dancing until they saw me and shied away. Their pigtails were swinging as they hopped from room to room.

Their teachers Sushma, Shipra & Samta Ma’am, helped me a great deal with getting the children to sit around the apple table. Oh yeah, about the APPLE table!April Phool's Day

It looked like an apple and got me all hungry. So I told myself to hold it a bit longer and greeted the children. Their teachers told me that it was okay that the kids weren’t listening to me, and then the experts took over!

April Phool's Day

Sushma ma’am

Girls, Didi will ask you some questions, and you have to answer them with these cards!”

The innocent monsters nodded shyly.

I handed over the placards to the kids. One side of the placard said “I can” and the other “I cannot.” I was to ask them questions, and they were to answer using the placards.

Me: Hello girls!

In chorus: Hello Didi! (Some seemed a bit hesitant)

Me: Can you jump high?April Phool's Day

Some inverted their placards and showed them to me while shouting I can. The gap between their teeth was probably the reason they were loud! The lovely teachers at the Alphabets school explained to me how I needed to be louder to catch their attention.

Dear throat, time to test your limits!

Me: Can you run fast?

Some looked unsure, and others began running around me to show how fast they were.

Me: Can you fly an aeroplane?

Ah, tricky question. Most girls said that they cannot, and so did the teachers. There were just a couple of girls who said that they could. It was impressive!April Phool's Day

Me: Can you build a bridge?

All of them said no. Aww! No engineers in the bunch!

April Phool's Day

Me: Can you ride a horse?

This question seemed to excite the girls & they got off their seats and shouted an “I can!” in absolute cacophony! The cacophony was complimenting their cuteness well!

Me: Can you repair your bicycle?

The teachers except Sushma ma’am said “I can,” the kids were pretty much confused. They hadn’t repaired their cycles yet. Soon! (I grinned)April Phool's Day

Me: Can you swim the sea?

The kids thought for a moment, and prompted “I CAN!”

The little girls were amazing. They could easily see themselves doing things girls were “prohibited” from doing. Their teachers must be proud. Secretly, so was I.

Me: Can you discover a new land?

Some said “I can,” some had lost interest and were keenly staring at Sanchit’s camera. April Phool's Day

Me: Where would you go to discover the land?

There was a reply from the back. “I would go shopping, and then I would find a new land.”

The rest of the class broke into laughter, including me.April Phool's Day

Me: Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Most kids wanted to be doctors while a couple of them wanted to be teachers. The rest were too shy to respond. 

Also, interestingly, most of the girls’ mothers called them “Gudiya” or Doll. So I asked them…

Me: Are you fragile flowers or strong? 

I showed them my muscle as I asked the question.

They showed their muscles back and then screamed, “WE ARE STRONG!”April Phool's Day

Kids don’t have pre-defined notions stuck in their minds. It’s we the adults that tell them “if they can fly or not,” “if they should wear a certain kind of clothing or not,” “if they should be addressed as fragile flowers or not.”

As their teacher Samta ma’am jokingly said, “We are not flowers, we are thorns.”

Sanchit Sethi
This article appeared on April 1, 2016.

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