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Himanshu Roy

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Apparently, The Angry Indian Goddesses Did Too Many Rounds Of The Angry Censor Board

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  •  December 7, 2015


Watched Angry Indian Goddesses yet? Well, the makers of India’s first female buddy film are miffed. The reason? What else, but the age old methods of the censor board, which is the one to decide what the dialogues and scenes should be snipped from the film for the ‘public interest’!

So now apparently, if you use pictures of goddesses Lakshmi and Kali, the chances are that they will be either cut off from the reel or will be blurred.

The makers of the film Angry Indian Goddesses recently found themselves at the receiving end of the wrath of the Indian censor board, when they were asked to make countless cuts to the film.

With this film, the board has stepped up the ante of its fight to keep us all ‘pure and incorruptible’. Result? Forget words such as fuck or slut that are always the red herring for the censor board, but now it seems that the big brother of the film industry has also started taking offence to words such as ‘adivasi’, ‘sarkar’ and even ‘Indian figure.’

To what do we owe this treatment, almighty censor board?

The reason is as usual best known only to the top brass of the film certification authority who is ever ready with the scissors snip, snip, snip.

So what happened when the producer of the film Gaurav Dhingra went to the board after taking out all the suggested cuts?

He was asked to cut 17 more things from his film, some which are so ridiculous, that they might leave you ROFL.

A woman looks at a guy and jokingly tells her friend, “Here comes your lunch.” But hey, please don’t laugh. Because you might have found this funny but the people in the censor board must have been so terrified about hearing this that they decided to ‘censor’ it.

The director of the film, Pan Nalin is justified in his disappointment, when he says that we often see the heads of people being cut in films, but seemingly can’t digest this funny banter between two gal pals.

The team of ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’ alleges that the pictures of the goddesses were totally respectable, and there seems to be absolutely no reason to cut them out of the film.

The film stars a group of talented actors like Sandhya Mridul, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Sarah-Jane Dias, Anushka Manchanda, Amrit Maghera, Rajshri Deshpande, Pavleen Gujral and Adil Hussain in lead roles. Ever since the film was released, it has been doing rounds for its witty dialogues and a sort of positive feminist approach of the cast.

The film, though, has managed to strike a chord with the audience. Did you watch it? What do you think?

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