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Priya Motiani

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Anushka Sharma Speaks The Bare Truth About Women In Bollywood

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  •  December 3, 2015


Any Anushka Sharma fans out here?

Yes? No? Well, whichever be the case, these seven feminist snippets from her candid conversation with Anupama Sharma on the show Film Companion will build a nest in your mind, and will urge you to think.

  1. I may not know the stats, but I know it’s true and I experience it. Girls are expected to be good looking, look nice and be interesting enough for guys to fall in love with in a film. Women only come together in a film if there’s a boy involved, like if there’s a love triangle. In India, that’s reflective of our society.
  2. Men can age, but they can still work, they can still be heroes… and they’re still amazing and cool. And I’m fine with that. But women have to be young because they have to be desirable. And we’re looking at women like that in films, because we have only shown mostly that to people, barring a few films that have happened. I’m not just talking about just objectification — tits and ass — but just what you’re bringing to the film. Like other than your beauty and your nakhra, is there anything else you’re bringing to the film?
  3. You feel that discrimination. Not just with money, but in general. Even if you’re at an outdoor schedule, you KNOW the guy is going to get a better room than you. And you’re like, why does that need to happen? I’m sure every hotel has at least 2 really good rooms. You see it all the time.
  4. If I’m doing a movie in which my role is going to be a little longer than the [lead] guy, I know for a fact none of the guys are going to do it… They won’t do it.
  5. I don’t know why it’s done, but I think it’s because it’s in our society. Boys are more important. It’s just there. Like for example, even if there’s an actor at the same stature who would be able on his own be able to bring that much money for a film, would still get paid more than money because he’s a guy. It’s not like they’re thinking… it’s just ingrained. No one’s going out of their way to do that, it’s just there.
  6. A male newcomer and female newcomer will get paid different money (sic) You’re a newcomer… no one knows who you are, man or woman doesn’t matter. It’s just assumed that men need more money. I think people think that men need to run a family and women are looked after. I’m not saying this out of greed — I’m just saying value me. At the end of the day, you want respect. And when you pay me less money, you’re telling me I’m not as valuable.
  7. Someone asked me recently, ‘What is the one thing you would like to change? I was reminded of this thing I told my friend. I said, ‘You know what, we’re all so lucky that we live in India because the taste is so mediocre that we’re all stars!” We all should know that.

For those who are longing for more, here’s the whole scoop.

The conversation very poignantly brings to light the status of women in Bollywood, and in general. Does that make you want to rethink the position and equality of women in your lives?

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