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Antim Sharma: “He always knew he was getting married to a police-wali.”

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  •  January 12, 2015


You must be knowing about Antim Sharma after she became a part of our New Year’s campaign ‘Hawa Mahal Talks’. Antim is SHO Police Department and is currently looking after the Tourism department. We were so inspired by this lady-cop that we’ve decided to do a complete story on her.

Don’t blame us for comparing her with Police officer Chautala from the TV serial ‘F.I.R’. Below are the excerpts from our exclusive interview:

JWB – Before anything, we want to tell you how awesome you look in your uniform.

Antim – Thank you so much.

JWB – What motivated you to join police force?

Antim – Khaki. Since the age of three I wanted to be in Police. This uniform is something, isn’t it?

JWB – And what if you were not in police, what profession would you choose?

Antim – I would be a teacher instead.

JWB – To qualify for a sub-inspector like you, what qualifications one needs?

Antim – Graduation is enough to apply for the entrance examinations. If selected, you will go through written exam, physical test and medical test. However, I did my M.A and B.Ed before I appeared for my police entrance examinations.

JWB – What type of training did you have to become a police officer?

Antim – This includes a year of hard training that every policeman undergoes. I specially loved the physical trainings, because I was pretty good at shooting.

JWB – Aha! You must tell us about any memorable shot.

Antim – I still remember how the senior officers had come to check out the trainees, and we were asked to fire 6 bullets on the target. Though my trainers put faith in me, I was little shivering. This fear made me fire first two bullets inappropriately. After that, I just shook my head and said myself to concentrate. The rest 4 bullets hit the target at the same place. Later all those officers came to me and started asking me how I held the gun and what my strategy while firing was.

JWB – Proud moment.

Antim – Yes, one of them. Even today when I get to meet those personnels, they are quick to remember the day.

JWB – So what are other incidents that make Ms. Antim take pride in herself?

Antim – As a police officer, there come many such days which make you realize the importance of your service. I pat my back specially when a woman victim comes to me and tells how she liked my way of investigation.

JWB – And we still remember the story of that 83 yr old woman from Maanik Chawk Police station you told us about during the Hawa Mahal conversation.

Antim – Yes, even that one.

JWB – What kind of complaints come to you?

Antim – It depends on the department you are posted to and the locality. Since I am attached to the Tourism department nowadays, it is mostly about tourists.

JWB – Since then, have you got any complaint of a female foreigner accusing someone of eve-teasing?

Antim – No. Jaipur has been doing a wonderful hospitality.

JWB – Wow. The police department is male-dominated, can you explain how women influence or have influenced police working style?

Antim – Women are more sensitive towards critical issues dealing in a feminine yet a strong way. Women are good at listening and empathizing, and I think, half of the problems are solved when you have a person like this in front of you.

JWB – We agree. We hope the number of police women increases this year.

Antim – I am sure it will. The reservations of 33% also makes the task easy.

JWB – Hmm. What should women seeking to enter police know about the career in this field? And by this we mean, any woman friendly policies.

Antim – See, most of the policies are similar to that of other jobs. But I would say one thing, this job needs dedication, and you cannot look for comfort. Apart from normal leaves, women get 6 months maternity leaves too.

JWB – Are these holidays enough?

Antim – Umm…I feel this can be extended. A 6 month old baby cannot be left without mother whole day.

JWB – Whole day?

Antim – And sometimes, even night. When there is emergency, you get to stay till late. When I was newly married, I used to come back home after 11 pm.

JWB – At this, talk about your family and support.

Antim – I have got the best mother-in-law. Is that enough? (laughs)

JWB – Go on…

Antim – My mother-in-law is one in million. I have been fortunate in terms of my marriage life. She is a calm woman who would never complain. There are days when I just don’t enter the kitchen, but she is like a mother who would take care of you without expecting anything from your side. She is great.

JWB – And husband?

Antim – He always knew he was getting married to a police-wali. (laughs)

JWB – We are happy to know about one such family. Are you a police wali at home too?

Antim – That you should ask from my husband.

JWB – So we will take this as a friendly No. Tell us your favorite and least favorite thing about your job?

Antim – The jobs of  doctor and police have the power to give relief with talks. If you say – ‘everything will be fine’ – the person will be mentally alright. This is my favorite part of the police job. And a bad part…ummm…..that you get less family time!

JWB – But in spite of everything, you seem to enjoy your work.

Antim – No doubt in that.

JWB – What keeps you going?

Antim – In my 5 yrs of service, I have come across few people who have inspired me deeply. I try to apply a bit of them in my daily working style.

JWB – Would like to name any?

Antim – Mr. Beeju George Joseph’s (IG) loyalty is to swear by. Mr. Alok Sharma’s (ACP) hard-working nature is commendable. There are days he doesn’t sleep because of a pending case. And then Mr. Vidhyaprakash (dy. SP), his composed way to handle people and cases impresses everyone. I have never seen this man panicking and shouting at his team.


JWB – It’s amazing to know about such people. What have you explored in you while being in police?

Antim – A lot. I belong to a very small Kasbah (village) called Kherli near Alwar. I had no trainers to guide me about the physical exercises needed towards police-preparation. I was aware of my dream, and hence decided to fulfill it on my own terms. I became my own trainer. I used to get up early and run in the fields, while my mother was standing at one corner to see if I need anything. I asked her to note the time I take to cover particular distances.

JWB – ….this reminds us of Milkha Singh.

Antim – Haha. Yes, his dedication led him to become an international name. The dedication, this is what I’ve realized in myself.

JWB – You are truly an inspiration.

Antim – But…I lost one thing in this journey.

JWB – What is that?

Antim – Fairness and milk-like skin texture.

We laughed at this, after all, she is a woman who is concerned about her looks too! :)

This interview had been taken before the rape case of a Japanese woman took place. We approached Antim for more comments and came to know that she had just delivered her first baby. JWB feels overwhelmed with this happy news. We just don’t want to disturb the happy times of her life with any sort of investigation. Let her now, instead, explore the new phase! And, yes, we are so proud of you, Antim!

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