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Anshu Harsh: My 1st Solo Travel Overseas Was Liberating

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  •  August 25, 2015


Anshu Harsh, Founder & Publisher, Simply Jaipur magazine, was recently invited to The Federation of Indo-American Association of Northern California.

Dr. Romesh Japra, the head of this federation, conducts this interesting festival every year celebrating the beauty of documentary movies made around the world. Anshu represented Rajasthan International Film Festival along with Mr. Sanjay Gaur.

We met Anshu to talk about her travel and stay at San Jose, California, exactly where the festival took place. Interestingly, this was Anshu’s 1st business trip to the US and also 1st solo trip!xJWB: We will talk more about this trip being your 1st solo excursion.

Anshu: The experience was liberating in every sense.IMG_2661JWB: You look so happy!

Anshu: I know. My husband is wondering what makes me so cheerful all day long.IMG_2654

JWB: Yes, with absolutely no ounce of exhaustion considering it was a non-stop schedule with a 15 hour long flight journey.

Anshu: The festival was full of energy. Every person present there seemed enthusiastic and knee-dip into filmy-fever.IMG_2672JWB: Who wouldn’t? So tell us all about the fun experience?

Anshu: Where should I start from?

JWB: Food?

Anshu: Oh, I just didn’t take any risk while ordering the food. I am a vegetarian and made sure to order ‘vegan food’ at restaurants and not say ‘vegetarian food’ since the latter includes egg recipes.IMG_2679JWB: Hmm, and how were the people there?

Anshu: Friendly and punctual. It was also because the people were from different nationalities that made the ambiance gracious.

sonu walia

Anshu with actress Sonu Walia

JWB: So did you manage to make new friends?

Anshu: Ah, so many!! We traveled together to near-by locations whenever we could steal time in-between two events.

JWB: We want to hear more about these short adventure trips.


Anshu (laughs): Major places that we traveled were San Francisco beach and the Golden Gate. What amazed me the most was the level of cleanliness at these spots. Indian can get a lesson or two to make ‘Swachh Bharat’ a reality!

JWB: And we also saw many pictures of you with Indian celebs. How was the experience?

pooja batra

Anshu with actress Pooja Batra


Anshu with Saurabh Shukla

Anshu: Yes, I met many of them. However, I am highly impressed with Deepti Naval. What a simple lady with glowing elegance!

Deepti Naval

Deepti Naval & Anshu Harsh

gulshan grover

Anshu with Gulshan Grover

bappi lahiri

Anshu with Bappi Lahiri

rajat kapoor_

Anshu with Rajat Kapoor

JWB: Anshu, you look overall a new personality – full of confidence and energy. What has been your lessons while traveling and befriending strangers?

Anshu: Talking of traveling, I have gained knowledge on those aspects which, most of the time, are husband’s responsibility. How to catch a flight, being informed of the connecting flights, confidently walking on a foreign land, and from saying hello to unknown faces to having a gala lunch with them. In a week, I have seen a tremendous shift in the way I think and act.

JWB: Before we wind up, speak about that one-of-a-kind experience in the National Parade at the Festival of Global (FOG) during Indian Independence Day. You were the guest of honor there, OMG!!


Anshu with Ipsita Pati

Anshu with Ipsita Pati

Anshu (laughs): Fortunately, yes. Me and Mr. Sanjay went to participate in the parade that has been happening from last 23 years. The Mayor of Fairmount city, Bill Harrison, told us that Fairmount is actually known as Jaipur’s sister city. Can you believe that? I was taken by surprise.


JWB: Lastly, were you scared at any point of time.

Anshu: I will be honest. When the airplane was just above the Pacific Ocean, I freaked out!

Photo Courtsey: Pallav Bhargava & Anshu’s own.

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