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Anjula Rathore On Finding The Joys Of Motherhood In Constantly Learning From Her Children

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  •  May 12, 2019

Right from her calm candour to her cool mom vibe, there is something about Anjula Rathore that leaves you in absolute awe. Somehow, there is something about her that reminds me of my own mother.

It probably comes from the fact that while her children have a free hand to do as they please, she is also fiercely protective about them while they are at it, one of those characteristics of a Rajasthani mom. Thus she closely watches her Toy and Tiny as they go about their fierce pursuit of conquering the world (okay, it is really hard to avoid making it sound cute with those adorable nicknames no matter how hard I try. Also, brownie points to the mother for those names).

I have known Anjula long enough to safely say that she is a rather unique Rajput mother. However, say that to her and she quickly replies, “But trust me I am not doing anything different. This is exactly how I was raised by my mother. I could be anything I wanted to be. I was never told to do things in a certain way. That’s exactly what I have followed with my children as well. I have always given them the space to choose for themselves.”

The foundation of Anjula’s relationship with her children is based on a deep sentimental connection that she thinks is more important than anything else to be a good mother. Thus the constant endeavor at Rathore household is for inner peace and beauty, everything else follows. The same has honed the kind of emotional intelligence in her children that leaves even her surprised every now and then.

As she says, “I am constantly learning so much from my children. There are days when I am left so amazed, I wonder, ‘Okay, where did they learn this from.’ It is in moments like these that I find the real joy of motherhood.” But ask her to share one of those moments of learning and she says, “I am seriously torn right now. There are so many of them, I don’t know which one to share.”

However, after much deliberations, she comes up with one. “My husband likes buying electronics and one day we had a tiff over buying a vacuum cleaner, because I thought it was an unnecessary buy at the time. It was an endless discussion which soon culminated into a quarrel. That’s when my daughter intervened and settled everything in no time. I was left surprised by how effortlessly she managed to handle the matter and the rationale that she showed.”

Anjula laughs as she adds, “Also, we didn’t buy the vacuum cleaner.”

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