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Anjali Bhamaniya & her new wave of self-confidence

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  •  December 22, 2014


A little shy, a little quite – meet the petite, bunny-teeth Anjali Bhamaniya. What is special in her? She is just 20 yrs old, and she already has changed her misfortune into fortune. Read our conversation with her to know all about it:

JWB – You look so cute when you smile.

Anjali – Thank you.


JWB – So tell us more about you.

Anjali – I was not allowed to go to school but I fought my way out. The same thing happened for college.

JWB – Why do you think education is important?


Anjali – Without basic education one cannot reach the heights. In every kind of career at some point, the need of education is felt. On that note, I want to earn so much that I can do something valuable for the orphans.

JWB – Tell us about your family and relations.


Anjali – We are 3 sisters and maa, papa. Everyone loves me so much. My sisters love experimenting on me with their home-made beauty techniques.

JWB – haha. Like?


Anjali – Like putting haldi, dahi mix for a good healthy skin. I enjoy being with them.

JWB – Do you help your mother in household chores?

Anjali – She doesn’t let me be in the kitchen for long since I am preparing for few competitive exams.

JWB – That’s very good. What is one thing that you love in yourself?


Anjali – I paint, and I think that its is one in-born ability I have. I have made paintings that are admired by many. I am willing to put up an exhibition soon.

JWB – We would love to see your work.

Anjali – This ability has given me a new wave of self-confidence.

JWB – Do you have any fear?


Anjali – Yes, of marriage. My aunt was made to suffer a lot by her in-laws, and eventually she died. I fear the same fate for me, seeing how the world is showing its brutal side each day.

JWB – But then be sure that a beautiful soul like you will get another humble person as the soul mate. Fear will only make you weak.

Anjali – I know but the memories of my aunt haunt me.

JWB – We understand. However, we also believe that time will heal things.

Anjali – You are right. Anyway, I have never let anything stop me from getting what I desire. I am sure I will be blessed with someone unique.


JWB – Now that’s the spirit. In the end, we want to ask one thing that is ringing our head since the beginning of our conversation.

Anjali – Please ask.


JWB – Why were your parents against your education?

JWB's Lavanya and Anjali in conversation

JWB’s Lavanya and Anjali in conversation

Anjali – No. It was because my mother had a fear that children would tease me or trouble me since I am handicapped. But I assured them of my strengths, and after some persuasion, they enrolled me in a school.


Anjali is physically disabled, but mentally she is charged more than anyone of us. She is that young lioness who knows the future belongs to her. She is a go-getter and fighter. Don’t we have a thing to learn from her? Let’s not look down upon disabled people. Let’s not create the fear of bullying in their minds, like in case of Anjali’s parents.

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