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Anil Kapoor Has This Wonderful Marriage Advice For Daughters Sonam & Rhea

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  •  November 7, 2015


The world knows who is India’s coolest daddy – Anil Kapoor.

During an interview with the Hindustan Times, he revealed what advice does he give to his two ‘marriageable’ daughters, “Things have changed now. It all depends on what makes them happy. I tell them to only think of marrying when it makes them happy and not any time soon. Don’t marry for the sake of marrying. Sonam is still like a child, she is a very loving person. She is all heart. There are times when we have to control her from talking and tell her to think and talk (bolna padta hai soch samajhke baat kar).”

Psst, is your daddy as cool as Mr. India? Tell us more about him!

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