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And The Books That Got Shortlisted For Hindu Prize 2015 Are…

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  •  November 27, 2015


Be it the smell of a brand new book, or when rummaging through the withered pages of an old classic, you fiercely start identifying with its characters. And much like me, if you too are a sucker for literature then here’s a treat for you. Each of the six books shortlisted for the Hindu Prize for Best Fiction 2015 are special in their own way and are of immense value for the bookworms. So here’s a peek into what these books are all about:

Odysseus Abroad, Amit Chaudhuri – When it comes to Amit Chaudhuri, the rest assured to read between the lines – the mark of a master observer, who takes his readers on journey that can be best described as a literary joyride. It is the story of Ananda, and his student life in London. In faraway London, where the weather sometimes could be as gloomy as a homesick mood, it is his uncle, who is the sole companion of Ananda. “Odysseus Abroad” is an attractive wisp, a time capsule for anyone who knew the still scruffy London of the mid-1980s.

Sleeping on Jupiter, Anuradha Roy Dark, disturbing and lyrically sublime, Sleeping on Jupiter is the story of a young girl and her troubled childhood at an Ashram nestled in the might peaks of the Himalaya. It is the unsolved murder of her parents, the experience of being sexually abused by a self styled godman and the grim reality of her life that brings Nomi back to a place that she had escaped many years ago. The novel has been gathering rave reviews since it was released.

Flood of Fire, Amitav Ghosh Now this was a story long in the making. For the last 10 years, every dedicated bookworm who adores the writing of Ghosh has been waiting impatiently for the grand finale of the Ibis trilogy. The legendary tale of a handful of Indians who after being shunned and disgraced in their own country goes on to build a new life in Mauritius, Flood of Fire is one of a kind. The many characters, their entwined lives and less known facts about the Opium Wars in China make this novel one of the best works of the historical fiction.

When the River Sleeps, Easterine Kire – The north-east of India is a mysterious place about which very few novels have been written. It is here that When the River Sleeps is set. In the Naga mountains a hunter embarks on a quest of finding a ‘heart-stone’ and to rediscover a long lost river. Haunting and   superb, the novel is one of the best works of contemporary fiction.

Seahorse, Janice Pariat – A retelling of an epic, Seahorse is the saga of Nem, a student studying at Delhi University, entangled in the world of addiction, classes and underbelly of the city. It is when he falls in love with a professor, Nicholas that he sees the world around him change slowly. Written based on the myth of Poseidon and his youthful male devotee Pelops, Seahorse is riveting as well holds immense allure for the literature lover.

Patna Manual Style, Siddharth Chowdhury – Now this a collection of nine short stories but unless you read them all, you won’t be able to grasp all the links that connect them. The books shows the journey of a wannabe writer who comes to Delhi from Patna in order to pursue his writing dream and this serves as the basis for the stories. It is his experiences that matter, the people he meets and the drama and chain of events are equally interesting. One of the best anthology or short story collections, Patna manual of Style has carved its own niche area in the literary world.

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